Wednesday, March 19, 2008

travel plans, and Easter Weekend

Well tomorrow is the big Dallas trip for the school I am excited to take our students to this big event. It should be a good trip I just wish it wasn't going to be a 12 hour day I am going to be exhausted when I return.

Last night's gym session went well I really felt like I was doing something good for my self and it's nice that Jeremy is doing it with me. We are taking our health into our own hands and it feels great.

Tonight is church night and although usually it's something I look forward too I'm just burnt out on church and the cliques and groups and talking behind peoples backs. It's church for goodness sakes people it's where someone is supposed to feel completely at ease to be who they are broken, bruised, and unsure. Lately I have felt as if I have to put on a facade at church and pretend like everything is Ok even though it's really not and I hate that. What happened to accepting people as they are and building them up? Ok stepping off my soap box now.

In other news my confidence in myself still hasn't returned. I just feel weak and un useful to the Lord like I am sitting idley by and letting life pass me up. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Please pray for Jeremy that he finds a job he loves and soon I am so tired of seeing him unhappy because he hates his job.

Easter this weekend and for the first time ever my family isn't doing Easter brunch, I feel a little hurt by this we always did special things for Easter and now it's like no one has time. I miss spending time with my family and special people on such a special holiday.

All in all I'd just say this is a downer week.

Monday, March 3, 2008


I can't even believe it's already March 2008 this year is absolutely flying. February was a pretty good month I got a lot done as far as pageant prep. Got even more done as far as Relay For Life. Slacked a little in the making a house a home dept. Paid off some debts. Celebrated 4 months married. Kept up with an amazing weekly Bible study, grew closer to God, played some crazy Guitar Hero with my husband which by the way the game is actually a blast we recently upgraded to Rock Band which is even more fun.

As far as cooking goes I've been in a holding pattern the yucky weather just makes me not want to do anything. I did finally get my bathroom clean and my laundry caught up yesterday. I am hoping to keep it that way I have a little bit of ironing to do tonight, along with getting the Christmas decorations out of our apt. and into storage, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and vacuuming.

Relay meeting tonight and I am happy to report exciting things like film canisters in 3 schools, pizza hut letting us put luminaria order forms on boxes, 50 Penn Place letting us set up a luminaria display, and of course the big St. Patrick's Day parade.

This morning started out a little strange I woke up at 6:30 wondering where my husband was turns out he had already left for work and I just didn't hear him. Instead of going back to sleep I made myself get up and get around I made myself hot cider to drink, because it was really cold, don't get me started on the weather here it's really strange, I mean 70's yesterday I was wearing short sleeves outside without a coat then last night tornadoes, and snow this morning! Talk about weird!
Anyway so I woke up extra early and spent time in prayer and meditation. Played with the crazy dog, took a nice leisurely shower, drank some more cider, got dressed and was ready for work by 8:30 so I had 15 extra minutes to clean and straighten up the apt. it was fabulous. I must say I like the idea of getting up earlier but usually am just too tired. I made a promise to myself today though that I would go to bed by 10 or 10:30 at the latest and read and have prayer meditation time before bed every night this week. I woke up refreshed this morning not tired or groggy.

I'll keep you posted this week on how that goes. But I really am going to try and stick with it. Because I feel so much better when I am not rushed in the mornings.

So that's my random post for the day.