Monday, February 24, 2014

Strike A Pose

I was in desperate need of new headshots when I decided to enter Mrs. Oklahoma and I did actually take these back in October of 2013 with Jeremy Ostercamp at his home studio. I wore a bright green wrap dress it's a dress that I've gotten a lot of compliments when I wear regularly at work and I thought wearing it might boost my confidence with pictures. I curled my hair and did my best make up application but I just wasn't really feeling confident about the photos, that is until I got to the actual shoot and visited with Jeremy about what I was looking for in a photograph. He made me feel completely at ease and I didn't even feel self conscious about being my goofball self. Usually during my photo sessions I tend to tense up and you can tell in my expressions, in my posture and everything just seems off. I did not feel that way about these shots, and the photos didn't disappoint. I feel like I look like the very best version of myself.. If you're in Oklahoma City and you're looking for a fantastic and well priced photographer you should check out Jeremy Ostercamp he did a really fabulous job of making me feel comfortable and the pictures are amazing.. Here's his website tell him I sent you :)

We took a ton of different shots some outside some inside and I even did some with my crown and sash on to use for autograph cards. I didn't take any outfit changes and I kind of wish I would have but what's done is done. I was so excited  to see the images Jeremy captured. I did have one thing that I was really angry with myself for. I had went out and bought a fabulous new pair of jade earrings to wear in my photos (see I'm not a huge fan of my ears but somehow if I have cute earrings in I care less about them), but I left them at home and didn't have them for photos. I still think the photos are great because Jeremy did a great job of putting me at ease and making me feel confident.Here's the official headshot that went up on the Mrs. Oklahoma website and will be in the program book.

I'm completely in love with this photo, because while I feel like it's glamorous and and I feel truly beautiful when I look it. I love that it still looks like me it's not so photoshopped that you cannot tell who is in the photo. I feel like it showcases the best of my features without being overpowering and I'm not so heavily made up that it looks nothing like me in person. I feel like this photo does a great job of showcasing who I am.
Thank you Jeremy Ostercamp for the great headshot!
With A Smile,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facing My Fears

In High School and through most of my teen years I didn't really struggle with my skin maybe a little but nothing major or damaging. I hit my early twenties and my face erupted in big ugly hormonal acne. I struggled to cover it with cakey make up and just resigned to a life of dealing with it. On into my mid twenties my skin sort of calmed down and settled in to some pretty predictable patterns so I was able to control it for the most part just knowing when it would erupt.

Then I had Carys and it just got worse especially if I wasn't paying any attention to my diet. My arch nemesis in life is Dr. Pepper I'm addicted to the stuff and it's so so bad for me, it gives me horrible headaches and I generally feel lethargic and heavy after drinking it but, it's like sweet nectar on the tongue and I forget all the bad for that moment of sweetness. So If I'm being really careless and drinking a lot of soda especially my face just gets chaotic.

I share this because I finally realized my diet and wearing alot of make up to cover up my breakouts weren't doing my skin any favors, and with Mrs. Oklahoma fast approaching I didn't want to be trying to nurse my skin back to health during the competition. The last thing I need is to having something that waivers my confidence in myself. So I sat down and did some major research into hormonal acne and what I could do to help my skin. So I made a commitment to cut out as much processed food as possible and to drink water above anything else. I have one cheat day a week and I try to save it to the weekend but I usually wind up using it on Monday or Tuesday. I also switched to a witch hazel toner because I read alot about how it helps broken skin. I also made the scary commitment of not wearing any heavy make up until Mrs. Oklahoma weekend. So I've been wearing just a little powder and some mascara on my eyes and grooming my brows with some clear gel.

It's been a little scary facing the world without my mask on but I'm realizing make up doesn't make me who I am. It's not supposed to. I'm so tired of hiding behind a mask of gunk that's not good for my skin. Yes I'll be wearing stage make up at Mrs. Oklahoma but that's because I don't want my face to get lost in the lights. But I'm starting to feel really good about how my skin feels and looks.
I met up with one of my friends so our kiddos could play last week and I shared with her my hormonal acne issues because she had complimented my skin. She shared that she too struggles with hormonal acne and I know inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief. Acne as an adult has this way of isolating you and making you feel like you are the only one who suffers with it.

I know many women suffer and I just wanted to share I may be getting ready to compete in Mrs. Oklahoma and I am so honored to be doing so, but I'm not happy with all aspects of my appearance. I do struggle with my skin and I'm praying and fighting hard that my skin will remain healthy for pageant weekend. I was so thankful when my friend shared with me that she too struggles with this little annoying problem because I began to feel not so isolated. So I'm hoping that my post will do that for someone else!

Pageant weekend is getting close, but before I get to that I've got a major event this weekend. Our precious baby girl is turning 3. Today she had her first spa pedicure experience with her Aunt. She loved every minute of it. I definitely have a little princess on my hands :)

With A Smile,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Power of Phone Etiquette

So Sunday afternoon I got a vacation. AKA I got to go shopping by myself. :) Mom's will totally understand that statement. I was running errands picking up some Bare Minerals foundation which is my day to day make up of choice, I also went Target and we have a chain in Oklahoma called Dustees they sell accessories and purses some clothes and jewelry. It's a super cute store if you've never been and you live near one you should go.

So anyway I decided to stop in Dustees just to browse since I am in desperate need of a new purse. I wear out my purses because I use them until they are falling apart. So I browsed around the store, since I was alone, and took my time picking out a bag I really liked. I had some Fun Money in my budget so I decided to use some of it. I was standing in line to check out and I was the 4th one in line when my phone rang. I was telling the person on the other line that I should come back to Dustees for my jewelry and accessories for Mrs. Oklahoma. I got to the front of the line and promptly told the person I was speaking with that I needed to call them back I was about to check out. I was so surprised when I paid for my items and the lady checking me out said she was so impressed by my phone etiquette and that she doesn't see many women in my age group who will give the retail worker the respect of putting their call on hold to check out. She said she had overheard me say something about Mrs. Oklahoma and she wondered if I was the competitor. I told her yes and shared with her that I was Mrs. Canadian Co. and she said the store would love to sponsor my accessories and jewelry for the competition. I was stunned and it was totally as a friend put it  "a God moment" and it reaffirmed to me that I am doing the right thing by choosing to compete even after all the chaos of the last 6 months.

The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together. I've just found my hairstylist who is someone I admire their style a lot, I've scheduled a class to learn to do my own stage make up. I feel like I get to practice interview all the time at work and I've lined up some mock interviews in early March.

I now just need to find an airbrush tanning salon so I don't blind people with my paleness, and I need to actually go pick out all my accessories and I'll be officially ready for Mrs. OK 2014.

Again the pageant is in Guthrie, Oklahoma on Saturday March 22nd at 5:30 PM the doors will open at 4:30. Tickets are 35.00 a piece and can be purchased online at under the for sale tab. If you are planning on purchasing a ticket for the show I ask that you put my name in as the delegate you are supporting.

Hope to see some of your smiling faces there in March!

With A Smile,

Monday, February 10, 2014

My New Pageant Sister

So  just two weeks ago I got a phone call from a woman I so admire. I'd kept in touch with her through work she teaches at night where I work. I'd always thought her a pretty cool person we'd talked a bit and some about deep issues but never super long or indepth. We'd exchanged numbers recently on account of her getting the opportunity to be a stay at home wife which is something I've always admired and respected and I thought maybe we could have lunch or something some time just to visit. I'd shared with her my journey in competing for Mrs. Oklahoma earlier last year and then Carys's health issues began and I kind of stopped talking about the pageant, however there wasn't one time that I saw Brittany that she didn't ask about how Carys was doing.

So anyway, I decided to give her a text message of encouragement on the day I knew she was to begin staying home full time. I was trying to get Carys buckled into her carseat and Brittany called. I was unable to answer right then so I texted her and said I'll Call You Back. So I called her finally about 10 or so minutes later and she shared with me that she had been invited to compete in Mrs. Oklahoma as well. I immediately said "oh my goodness you should do it, we'd have so much fun!!" I could sense her hesitation still thinking maybe she was upsetting me so I reassured her no I was not upset in fact I was thrilled at the prospect of having someone close to experience Mrs. OK with. We shared our hearts and intentions that day on the phone and we hung up with her still undecided but agreeing to at least seriously consider it. I let a day go by and I texted her asking her if she'd decided she'd made herself a promise that if she found a swimsuit she liked and would feel comfortable in she would compete. I told her good luck and that I was pulling for her to find something fabulous! Finally after a few days of hunting and her finally finding something in her size she texted me and told me she had committed. I was so excited.

We met for lunch last week well I guess you could say lunch we met at 1 and at 4 after her husband had called a 2nd time we finally parted ways. We shared our hearts truly with each other, each expressing the desire to have a deeper than surface friendship. I found myself listening to this woman who has incredible strength tell me her life's testimony, and realizing she would make a fanstastic Mrs. Oklahoma, but I'm not intimidated by that I'm sure I'll feel that way about every girl competing, I know in my heart whoever God has in mind will wear the crown I do think I'm prepared for the title but only if it's the Lord's Will. I'm going to give it my best, and be true to myself.  I'm so beyond excited to share this experience with Brittany. I am picturing one heck of an awesome girl's weekend.

 I am already thankful for my Mrs. Oklahoma experience because I've gained an amazing friendship. If nothing else comes of my competing I will still consider the experience a complete success.

With A Smile,