Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facing My Fears

In High School and through most of my teen years I didn't really struggle with my skin maybe a little but nothing major or damaging. I hit my early twenties and my face erupted in big ugly hormonal acne. I struggled to cover it with cakey make up and just resigned to a life of dealing with it. On into my mid twenties my skin sort of calmed down and settled in to some pretty predictable patterns so I was able to control it for the most part just knowing when it would erupt.

Then I had Carys and it just got worse especially if I wasn't paying any attention to my diet. My arch nemesis in life is Dr. Pepper I'm addicted to the stuff and it's so so bad for me, it gives me horrible headaches and I generally feel lethargic and heavy after drinking it but, it's like sweet nectar on the tongue and I forget all the bad for that moment of sweetness. So If I'm being really careless and drinking a lot of soda especially my face just gets chaotic.

I share this because I finally realized my diet and wearing alot of make up to cover up my breakouts weren't doing my skin any favors, and with Mrs. Oklahoma fast approaching I didn't want to be trying to nurse my skin back to health during the competition. The last thing I need is to having something that waivers my confidence in myself. So I sat down and did some major research into hormonal acne and what I could do to help my skin. So I made a commitment to cut out as much processed food as possible and to drink water above anything else. I have one cheat day a week and I try to save it to the weekend but I usually wind up using it on Monday or Tuesday. I also switched to a witch hazel toner because I read alot about how it helps broken skin. I also made the scary commitment of not wearing any heavy make up until Mrs. Oklahoma weekend. So I've been wearing just a little powder and some mascara on my eyes and grooming my brows with some clear gel.

It's been a little scary facing the world without my mask on but I'm realizing make up doesn't make me who I am. It's not supposed to. I'm so tired of hiding behind a mask of gunk that's not good for my skin. Yes I'll be wearing stage make up at Mrs. Oklahoma but that's because I don't want my face to get lost in the lights. But I'm starting to feel really good about how my skin feels and looks.
I met up with one of my friends so our kiddos could play last week and I shared with her my hormonal acne issues because she had complimented my skin. She shared that she too struggles with hormonal acne and I know inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief. Acne as an adult has this way of isolating you and making you feel like you are the only one who suffers with it.

I know many women suffer and I just wanted to share I may be getting ready to compete in Mrs. Oklahoma and I am so honored to be doing so, but I'm not happy with all aspects of my appearance. I do struggle with my skin and I'm praying and fighting hard that my skin will remain healthy for pageant weekend. I was so thankful when my friend shared with me that she too struggles with this little annoying problem because I began to feel not so isolated. So I'm hoping that my post will do that for someone else!

Pageant weekend is getting close, but before I get to that I've got a major event this weekend. Our precious baby girl is turning 3. Today she had her first spa pedicure experience with her Aunt. She loved every minute of it. I definitely have a little princess on my hands :)

With A Smile,

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