Monday, April 28, 2008

better feelings, and a plan for the rest of '08.

Well I finally got our apartment all cleaned up from the craziness that was late winter early spring. It feels so good to know that I am going home to a clean place tonight with the only thing on the agenda cooking and cleaning up after dinner. Speaking of dinner steak sandwiches on the menu tonight. Jeremy and I are trying really hard to eat healthy and stay active. We are doing great with our gym membership utilizing it at least twice a week. We are eating healthy fiber enriched breakfasts, and we are doing pretty good with the healthy snacks at lunch, dinner is our downfall but now that things are finally calming down in our lives at least for a while it should get better.

We have something from home on the menu all week except date night on Friday
Monday-Steak Sandwiches, mac n cheese, and broccoli
tuesday-meatloaf, green beans, corn
Wednesday-church meal
Thursday-left overs
Friday-Date Night
Sunday-salisbury steaks, biscuits, and carrots

I feel like I got so much accomplished this weekend and it feels great.
next weekends to do lists consists of dropping our April give aways at Goodwill, grocery shopping, and prepping meals for the week, cleaning out and detailing our car, and of course laundry.

It's nice to finally have a semi-normal schedule again.

In other news I cannot believe it's almost May where has 2008 gone? I turn 23 in a month and 6 days, Jeremy and I celebrated 6 months married in April, and I celebrate 2 years at my current employer in July time has just flown by.

I am finally getting the disk set of our wedding pictures and picking out pictures to have an album designed I absolutely cannot wait to have all our beautiful pictures.

I Jeremy and I are aggressively paying off debt for the rest of 2008 and it's projected by November I might actually have my own vehicle YAY!!!
We are getting our stimulus check and sorry to disappoint Uncle Sam but it's all going to debt pay off.

At the rate we're going by February 2010 we'll be debt free and have about 14,000 dollars in savings which may not seem like a lot to most people but to us poor newlyweds it's a lot.

We have a plan in place and now it's just a matter of executing that plan.
We can do it we really can.

Our family goals for 2008

Pay off as much debt as possible

get me my own vehicle

I've learned in the last 6 months that being married is no cake walk but when things start to look up you realize it's all been worth it.
The next time life hits me hard I will remember what I felt like the moment I realized we were finally going to be ok.

Being married means you may not always like the curveballs life throws at you but at least you don't have to face them alone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


First off our apartment is a complete disaster we haven't exactly been motivated to clean but I promise with the blogging world as my witness i will get it cleaned up by this weekend. We moved some things around in our living room and I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like it.

Second Relay is getting so ridiculously close.

Third I wish it was Friday.