Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Strangely Calm

So here we are less than a week away from Mrs. Oklahoma and I'm strangely calm. I have no pre-conceived notions going into competition I'm simply there to present the very best version of myself and if that's what the judges are looking for then I will do well. It's unusual for me to be this calm leading up to something I've worked really hard for, normally I am a ball of emotions and nerves.

However, I was sharing with a friend last night that in the past two weeks I feel like I've been given confirmation that I am in the right place at the right time in my life for this competition. I've grown so much as an individual in the last few years mostly because of huge life changes 1 being the birth of my daughter, and 2 being the death of my mother. I've learned a lot about myself and where I stand in my values, beliefs, and convictions.

I wrote a post here a few years ago called "Deeper" and I expressed my desire to know people more than just surface level I expressed my desires to really dive under the surface and see the real person hiding beneath the perfect facebook update. I believe that was my first real struggle with technology and it's ability to distance relationships. I feel like this has been welling up inside of me for years and God orchestrated everything for it to manifest in the form of a pageant platform. I've done the hard work of planning screen-free events, promoting the idea of technology guidelines to sometimes less than enthusiastic groups, and super pumped up groups. I've put the hours in at the gym, and I've done the fun work of picking out my wardrobe now it's just time to shine. I'm ready I'm so ready it scares me in the best way possible. I have no preconceived notions going into this weekend but I do know I'm as prepared as I can be.

It's all in God's hands now!

With A Smile,


Saturday, March 8, 2014

My competition wardrobe

So I decided to go ahead and share my competiiton wardrobe online. I am thinking everyone should have their own unique wardrobes and I'm not concerned about anyone copying me.

So without further ado this is my gown that I love! It's a mermaid fit and has beautiful lace cap sleeves the back is all lace as well.


Here's my interview dress I did not pick out my interview dress to match my gown but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did. Both have black lace trim.

 This is the opening number dress that all the ladies will wear. God did not bless me with a lot of curves so I decdied to get my dress early so I could have it altered if needed. Do not be fooled by this picture there are about 14 safety pins holding this dress in place.

I had my make up done at the MAC counter so they could help me put together my official stage make up kit that I will be using when I do my make up class with the Yukon Beauty College this next week. This is a terrible picture it's blurry and the lighting is bad but you get the idea.
and just for fun Here's me and my fabulous friend Mrs. B! She finally got her sash!
I'm now two weeks out from competition and I'm super excited! We got the judges biographies last week and I got to look those over and everyone seems like someone I will be able to connect with.
I've still got to go and actually pick out my jewelry at Dusteesm, and I've still got make up class at the Yukon Beauty college, I've also still got some mock interviews ahead of me but overall I'm getting to the stage of completely ready!
So that's a general update of what's been happening in my pageant world i am still trying to write the post about my sweet baby girl's 3rd birthday that passed at the end of February. Soon I hope I'll be able to put into words how her turning 3 has affected me.
With A Smile,