Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

The A Family wishes you a Happy Halloween from our little honey bee, the queen bee, and the bee keeper :)
PS: sorry the photos are a bit blurry taken on my phone ;(

Queen Bee and the honey bee!

my little honey bee and her friend the lady bug :)

little honey bee getting ready to get some candy at our churches' trunk or treat 

Happy Halloween if you celebrate it if not a joyous beginning to the holiday season for you and yours. Tomorrow the jack o lanterns get put away and the cookbooks come out!
Til Next Time...

Mrs. A

Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 Years

1826 days.....

1 tiny little apartment.....

 1 spoiled yellow lab............

 1 sweet black kitty in heaven...........

 1 home purchase..

 1 adorable red headed toddler....

 1 loss of a parent..

 6 job changes, lots of laughter, a few tears, countless moments of joy...

a few fights...

and 1 promise between 2 hearts to love unconditionally made 5 years ago today.

. Happy Anniversary Mr. A. After 5 years you're still my "Everything"

Love you to the moon and back!! 

Mrs. A

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend fun.

These days I spend a lot of my time with my favorite sidekick and usually we plan a routine to our days and we stick with it, but yesterday when Carys decided to sleep almost 2 hours late, and it was too chilly for our usual morning outside, I decided it would be a fun day to throw the routine out the window. We woke up late had a leisurely breakfast in our pj's cuddled on the couch and watched an episode of sesame street, had a dance party with her baby dolls, read stories, got dressed and went out for lunch, went home and had a 2.5 hour nap, woke up refreshed and went fall and winter clothing shopping in the late afternoon. We came home with a new coat, a halloween shirt, and mommy even splurged and bought her very first princess doll. I cherish days like yesterday hanging out with this sweet little girl who is quickly becoming one of my favorite hang out buddies. We finished the night with dinner out at a bona fide restuarant with daddy. Carys was so well behaved and yet we still had terrible service I just don't understand why families with young kids always get terrible service at restaurants but it has been the case everytime we've gone out to dinner as a family.

Today she's hanging out with her grandparents while mom and dad work, then we'll have our weekly family dinner at their house when we pick her up. Tomorrow we'll head out to church, head home for naps, and then I've planned a fun day of pumpkin decorating for CC. Our front porch has some lovely pumpkins that are just begging to be decorated by little toddler hands. We'll end the night at children's choir and have quiet time at home in the evenings. Just another weekend at the A house.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful October

I don't know where my love of the fall originated from. I don't know if I've always loved it or I didn't really get to the point of adoring it until college or maybe after but I think these memories may hold the key. It's no secret if you know me in real life you know I LOVE October!! It is my happy month.

There's something so refreshingly beautiful about the changing of the leaves. The fall holds some of my favorite childhood memories.  I have one memory in particular that always comes to mind when I think of the fall . A few years back right before Mr. A and I met I helped my mom decorate for Halloween we used a lot of pumpkins a few purple lights, and some twigs from the trees in the front yard. We made stew and cornbread and had that for dinner after spending the evening making the outside of her home frightfully cute. We didn't do anything special but somehow it's the memory that sticks out most in my mind of my mother. October holds special meaning for me because it is the month of our wedding anniversary 10/20/2007 coming up on 5 years! But for me the special feelings of this month existed long before the ringing of wedding bells and everytime I see a beautiful pumpkin display, or a lovely set of mums gracing a front porch I think of mom and I am reminded of happy memories and that will forever be why I adore October!