Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beautiful October

I don't know where my love of the fall originated from. I don't know if I've always loved it or I didn't really get to the point of adoring it until college or maybe after but I think these memories may hold the key. It's no secret if you know me in real life you know I LOVE October!! It is my happy month.

There's something so refreshingly beautiful about the changing of the leaves. The fall holds some of my favorite childhood memories.  I have one memory in particular that always comes to mind when I think of the fall . A few years back right before Mr. A and I met I helped my mom decorate for Halloween we used a lot of pumpkins a few purple lights, and some twigs from the trees in the front yard. We made stew and cornbread and had that for dinner after spending the evening making the outside of her home frightfully cute. We didn't do anything special but somehow it's the memory that sticks out most in my mind of my mother. October holds special meaning for me because it is the month of our wedding anniversary 10/20/2007 coming up on 5 years! But for me the special feelings of this month existed long before the ringing of wedding bells and everytime I see a beautiful pumpkin display, or a lovely set of mums gracing a front porch I think of mom and I am reminded of happy memories and that will forever be why I adore October!

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