Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Beginning

Hope Everyone had a fabulous Christmas we sure did we were spoiled rotten and so was our sweet girl. My favorite gifts included a maya wrap baby sling from my sweet husband, and a necklace with a heart charm since Carys means love in Welsh from my mother in law, but my special gift was that my father in law had taken his mother's pearl necklace and had it restrung for me. They are beautiful and mean the world to me.

Christmas Eve we held our annual after church appetizers and family gifts time at our house and it was extra special knowing it was the first of many Christmas Eve's to be spent in our home that we have been blessed with. While we had our family there we took advantage of the time and had them do something for us. We had the idea to have family members write prayers or letters to Baby Carys on her wall before we painted them and then we'd just paint over them and they'd be forever on her walls. So we did just that we handed each of our family members a pencil and asked them to write a prayer or message in the nursery. It was so special reading those messages and I can't wait until Carys is old enough for me to show her the pictures we took of the process. Then the day after Christmas we  began painting our sweet girl's room. The color is called Afternoon Delight by Valspar and we just love how bright and cheery green it is.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas my friends

It's safe to say 2010 is a year Mr. A and I won't soon forget we purchased our wonderful home in March and found out in July we'll be adding a two feet addition next March. God's timing is more than perfect and we are thrilled to meet our Little Lady. Our Christmas this year is filled with anticipation of things to come and dreams of future Christmases with our baby girl. It's safe to say that the thought of my own little girl being here next Christmas is overwhelming to say the least. In some ways I can't wait to be a mom and in others I'm terrified.

In reading through the Christmas story in Bible study I've found this year that I have been particularly interested in studying Mary. I never understood before the fear that seemed present in her from the time she found she would  be the mother of Jesus I think maybe this year as I anticipate our own special delivery that I understand just a touch of what she must've been feeling.

As I gather with family and friends and we celebrate this glorious Day I am reminded of Mary's story and her strength and I thank God for using this amazing gift I've been given to understand the story of Jesus just a little better than before. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all of you for a wonderful, Merry joyous and perhaps peaceful Christmas celebration.

From our Growing Family to yours:


Til after Christmas.....

Mrs. A

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nursery Decor Plans

Our baby girl's nursery finally has a plan officially. I was going back and forth not wanting to do pink because everybody does to, to wanting to do all pink. When I really sat down and thought about it though all pink just isn't my style we're adding touches of pink but the walls will be a soft springy green and we'll add in the pink with her bedding and accessories. Then I struck gold and found an inspiration picture I just loved.

We knew we wanted to incorporate cherry blossoms in her room because they represent good fortune and love. Two things we want our baby girl to be surrounded by. We chose to incorporate cherry blossoms with a vinyl decal cherry blossom tree on the wall and in her bedding which we have finally chosen.

So there we have the beginning stages of our little Miss's nursery.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Best Friend's Baby Shower

I got the privilege of hosting Mrs. G's shower in my home and I loved every minute of it. Our theme was Pink Winter Wonderland so everything was pink, glittery, and sparkly. We played some fun games and I had an absolute blast decorating for the shower. Here are some pics from the event.

My entryway table all decked out for the shower:

close up of the pink floral arrangement, yes the flowers are fake you try finding pretty pink flowers in season in December.

other side of the entry table and a good shot of the million snowflakes we had everywhere!

the guest sign in page.

close up the mirror with the congratulations banner on it

mantle close up

I made a banner with Mrs. G's baby girl's name for above the fireplace mantel out of snowflakes. Her name is Kinsey Noel and I just love it!

close up of bow and baby blocks on mantle

a whole view of the mantle and name banner above it

I even decorated the tree with pink crete paper :)

close up of table centerpeices

the cake admittedly not my best cake work it bulged when I moved it :(

guests at the shower and another shot of the table

my sweet friend Mrs. G opening presents!

Mr. & Mrs. G behind the baby clothesline I put up to display Miss Kinsey's new clothing items

A shot looking into the kitchen with the snowflakes and clothesline.  (this isn't a great representation of the color in the kitchen it's more green than that I need to take a better pic)

Ok that's a lot of pictures but this shower was so much fun to put together I absolutely adored planning Mrs. G's shower and I hope she realizes how much I adore her. Can't wait to meet her baby girl in January!

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A

Friday, December 3, 2010

knee deep in baby shower plans

I've so enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful Christmas decorations as you've posted them this week. But right now my house isn't exactly Christmasy it's baby showered up. My bestie's shower is Sunday and I've slowly but surely been putting out the decorations all week. I'll be sure and snap pics and tell you all about it.I'm so excited to have found my camera cord again after losing it a third time since moving into our home. So hopefully my posts will become less boring :) Mr. A and I were busy in our kitchen over Thanksgiving break and painted our trim and walls there's still some work to do but our house is a continual work in progress. Anyway keep the great Christmas decor posts coming and hopefully I'll have some to add to the mix after the Baby Shower on Sunday. Short but sweet but I wanted to post because I just loved looking at all your Christmas pretties :)