Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas my friends

It's safe to say 2010 is a year Mr. A and I won't soon forget we purchased our wonderful home in March and found out in July we'll be adding a two feet addition next March. God's timing is more than perfect and we are thrilled to meet our Little Lady. Our Christmas this year is filled with anticipation of things to come and dreams of future Christmases with our baby girl. It's safe to say that the thought of my own little girl being here next Christmas is overwhelming to say the least. In some ways I can't wait to be a mom and in others I'm terrified.

In reading through the Christmas story in Bible study I've found this year that I have been particularly interested in studying Mary. I never understood before the fear that seemed present in her from the time she found she would  be the mother of Jesus I think maybe this year as I anticipate our own special delivery that I understand just a touch of what she must've been feeling.

As I gather with family and friends and we celebrate this glorious Day I am reminded of Mary's story and her strength and I thank God for using this amazing gift I've been given to understand the story of Jesus just a little better than before. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all of you for a wonderful, Merry joyous and perhaps peaceful Christmas celebration.

From our Growing Family to yours:


Til after Christmas.....

Mrs. A


Callie Nicole said...

I feel like I can relate to Mary even more this year too - and I can totally understand her being nervous, because I'm a little nervous to be a mom myself. And she had even more reason than I do - not only was she not supposed to be pregnant to begin with, since she wasn't married yet, but her baby was God Himself! The fact that she was carrying the Messiah must have made every pregnancy-related thing that much more amazing.

Mrs. S. said...

I can't believe that next Christmas I will be a mom! It IS quite the feeling. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Melanie said...

It is definately a year to remember!! So amazing to think we will all be new moms this time next year! Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful picture!
I've been thinking about how Mary must have felt a lot this year too. While I know I can't feel close to what she felt, I feel like I'm understanding the story in a different light since I am expecting my own little miracle now too :)
Merry Christmas!!!

Mrs. Lukie said...

You look so great :) Merry Christmas!

Lyr said...

This was sweet. You look amazing BTW. Hope you have a wonderful new years!