Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Got Milk?

So when my husband and I got married we had fun learning each other's lifestyles and discovering our weird little quirks. One such quirk of mine is that I talk in my sleep and not just a little bit, a whole lot like I can carry on whole conversations with people in my sleep. When I was in high school I got grounded many a time for talking on the phone late at night that is until my mom took my cell phone away and realized that I was still talking only it wasn't to anyone.

Anyway I guess after three years of marriage you're bound to rub off on your spouse at least a little bit. As I was woken up sometime in the night last night  by what I thought was my husband making a grocery list in his sleep he was asking me what kind of milk I wanted so I asked him why he was worried about milk right then and his reply was that it was time to wake up and apparently he thought I needed milk to wake up. So I poked him to wake him up and he assured me he was already awake and I needed to quit being silly so I gave up and went back to sleep. I knew for sure he was sleep talking this morning when I asked him if he had any milk and he had no idea what I was talking about.

 I find this hilarious because he made fun of me for the longest time about my little sleep talking habit and now he's picked it up too.

Ahh the joys of marriage and sharing your entire life with someone even the random little quirks.

Happy Wednesday!

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A

Monday, January 24, 2011

productive weekends make mama happy :)

This weekend we finished painting in Carys' nursery, got the crib upstairs into her room and plan to put it together this evening. We cleaned out what will become my office/craft room, and finished cleaning and organizing in our kitchen. I am seriously doing a happy dance in my office chair this morning because my mountainous to do list is actually shrinking. It felt so amazing to pull up the drop cloth in the nursery knowing we were finished painting in there!

We pretty much spent our entire weekend working on our house and it really shows I absolutely love productive weekends :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Blues

Hey there bloggie friends,

Randoms on a Friday is what I've got for you today.

I've realized that January is usually a time for me where I just go into hibernation I think it has something to do with the nights being so long and it being nearly dark outside when I leave work. I love the fall and the spring and simply tolerate the winter and the summer.

We've been so busy this January with taking our childbirth and baby care classes at the hospital and painting the nursery and trim that I'm just ready for a little R &R.  Mr. A and the guys are going to be putting up Little Miss's crib on Saturday while I'm teaching classes and then the fun begins in the nursery with all the painting done and the major furniture peices put together we can concentrate on really filling the room with love and personality :)

I'm super excited for two reasons today: one I've got a lunch date with Mr. A we don't get to each lunch together very often so when we do it's a special treat, and two we're taking a meal to my bestie and her husband tonight so we get to see their baby and it'll be the first time I've seen my bestie other than in the hospital right after her little girl was born. I'm SO EXCITED!!

Hope you all have fabulous weekends :)

later alligators....

Mrs. A

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Linking up to Tea on Tuesday

Christi over at grey umbrella has a great blog party going on every Tuesday called Tea on Tuesdays and I thought this week I have so much to share I thought I'd participate. So come on in excuse the mess our house in right now prepping for a baby is messy. But you're still welcome here.

I'm so glad you could come for tea and fellowship since you're here let's settle in for a nice visit.

I'd start off by telling you I'm so excited because Sunday afternoon my very best friend gave birth to her precious baby girl. Mr. A and I got to meet her last night and she is the most beautiful thing. It's probably no surprise to you that the birth of my besties baby makes me that much more anxious to meet my own sweet baby girl and I can't believe I'm the only pregnant one now for so long it was me and Mrs. G  and now it's just little ole me.

I'd also tell you that the closer we get to meeting our sweet girl the more excited and nervous I get. I'd tell you I'm nervous for delivery but am really considering natural childbirth. I know you probably think I'm crazy most people do. I'd tell you I am so nervous about being a good mom I am so nervous about not knowing what to expect and this planner type A personality type is having a hard time with not knowing the exact moment she will arrive.

I'd ask for your prayers as I struggle through some difficult stresses in my life that just don't need to be there. I'm worrying about how some things will go after our baby is born and it's causing some stress between Mr. A and I. I know ultimately God is in control and maybe this is a sign from Him that something needs to change but change is hard and I'm not sure of my path at this moment in time but I am trusting God and being faithful in His goodness knowing He will take care of me and my family.

I'd tell you that we just need to finish painting the baby's nursery and then we can assemble furniture and the room will really start to feel like a baby is going to live there soon. I'd tell you sometimes when I get home from work before Mr. A does I just go sit in her room and day dream about her I dream of rocking her to sleep in the corner by the window and laying her down to dream in her crib. I dream of who she'll look like, whose personality traits she'll get, I dream of seeing her fall head over heels for her daddy and for him to do the same, I dream of what kind of personality she'll have and how she'll come to know the Lord.

I'd tell you to please keep a dear friend of mine in your prayers he had bought a ring and was ready to propose to his longtime girlfriend over Christmas only to hear rumors that she'd cheated on him. I'd ask you to give him wisdom to know if the rumors are true or maybe just the dark side trying to take away his happiness.

I'm so glad we took the time to chat today and I hope you'll join Christi or leave me a comment let me know what you'd like to chat about. 

Until next time.

Mrs. A 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I realize it's the 06th day of the year and I'm just now getting around to posting our New Year Goals but the truth is it took Mr. A and I this long to sit down and truly think about what we wanted this year to look like for us. When 2010 began we were certain we were going to buy a house, and we were certain we wanted to serve others more, what we didn't know is that God had much bigger plans than we could've imagined and we were blessed to discover that in 2011 we will take on the role of parents. Becoming a parent is a scary thought and we weren't sure what goals we wanted to put on ourselves for this year but as we sat down and talk a few recurring themes kept resurfacing. Last year I chose a word of the year this year we're choosing a few words.

Mr. A and I have issues sometimes of over committing ourselves and winding up short on time together and even short on time just for ourselves we're working on saying no more often in favor of family time. We're discovering we aren't super humans and with our baby girl set to make her arrival in just 10 short weeks. We don't want to be so busy and over-committed that we miss out on the sweet moments to share with her.

Mr. A and aren't the neatest housekeepers we did alright in our tiny apartment but since moving to our home we've realized that if we aren't efficient in how we do things they A don't get done or B get done sloppily. We want to work on organizing our home life so it runs more smoothly and we have systems in place. We want to organize the spaces of our home to run efficiently for our little family of 3.

We're both pretty healthy people but we're realizing that our little girl will watch everything we do and we must be good role models for her so we'll be implementing some healthier options into our diet.

We both realize that faith should play a much bigger role in our lives than it does. we have big dreams and hopes for our little lady to come to know Christ in her own time but how can she if we don't introduce her to Him on a regular basis.

These are our goals for 2011 but I will say our main focus of this year is to have a happy healthy baby girl.

Now for a quick prayer request:
My Bestie is due very soon with her little girl and the doctors told her 2 days ago if nothing happens on it's own by next Tuesday on Wednesday they will induce her. Please keep Mr. & Mrs. G in your prayers as they are in the home stretch and will be parents by the end of next week. Mr. A and I are blessed to call them our friends and consider them family and we are so excited to meet their little girl.

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A