Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I realize it's the 06th day of the year and I'm just now getting around to posting our New Year Goals but the truth is it took Mr. A and I this long to sit down and truly think about what we wanted this year to look like for us. When 2010 began we were certain we were going to buy a house, and we were certain we wanted to serve others more, what we didn't know is that God had much bigger plans than we could've imagined and we were blessed to discover that in 2011 we will take on the role of parents. Becoming a parent is a scary thought and we weren't sure what goals we wanted to put on ourselves for this year but as we sat down and talk a few recurring themes kept resurfacing. Last year I chose a word of the year this year we're choosing a few words.

Mr. A and I have issues sometimes of over committing ourselves and winding up short on time together and even short on time just for ourselves we're working on saying no more often in favor of family time. We're discovering we aren't super humans and with our baby girl set to make her arrival in just 10 short weeks. We don't want to be so busy and over-committed that we miss out on the sweet moments to share with her.

Mr. A and aren't the neatest housekeepers we did alright in our tiny apartment but since moving to our home we've realized that if we aren't efficient in how we do things they A don't get done or B get done sloppily. We want to work on organizing our home life so it runs more smoothly and we have systems in place. We want to organize the spaces of our home to run efficiently for our little family of 3.

We're both pretty healthy people but we're realizing that our little girl will watch everything we do and we must be good role models for her so we'll be implementing some healthier options into our diet.

We both realize that faith should play a much bigger role in our lives than it does. we have big dreams and hopes for our little lady to come to know Christ in her own time but how can she if we don't introduce her to Him on a regular basis.

These are our goals for 2011 but I will say our main focus of this year is to have a happy healthy baby girl.

Now for a quick prayer request:
My Bestie is due very soon with her little girl and the doctors told her 2 days ago if nothing happens on it's own by next Tuesday on Wednesday they will induce her. Please keep Mr. & Mrs. G in your prayers as they are in the home stretch and will be parents by the end of next week. Mr. A and I are blessed to call them our friends and consider them family and we are so excited to meet their little girl.

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Melanie said...

Excellent goals for the new year!! Will keep your friend in my prayers as well for a smooth delivery of their special little one!

Lyr said...

There are still other people posting their goals and such. you're not the last.... I AM! Haha... Great list!