Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

posting this before work so if I don't get to write tonight I will still have posted today.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.

I'm a cat today so I have whiskers drawn on my face and ears on my head but hey whatever it's Halloween.

Did anyone else dress up?


Mrs. A

Thursday, October 30, 2008

dang it

I missed blogging yesterday cause we went to the Thunder game and when we got home I was disappointed that our team lost and so tired I went straight to bed.

So I am starting over today with the blog everyday for a month goal! Ugn maybe I should make it blog everyday for a week I might be able to actually complete that one.

Headed to the gym tonight and other than that not much else going on.

Thanks for the two comments that were uplifting on my last post they were much needed and appreciated. Kimi I don't have your e-mail address so e-mail me and I'll respond.

In other news we have found two churches we want to try and are excited to start the process.

Sorry this is a short random post...

More later...

Mrs. A

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

totally ridiculously hurt and feeling liberated.

regarding the hurt: Message boards are public people that is all I have to say.

I am feeling liberated I just deleted my facebook, my myspace, and my linkedn I'm not a slave to the internet anymore well except for this silly little blog. But eh I've got to have one thing that's mine.

In 101 in 1001 updates
there is a branch of my gym fairly close to my new office and I have a buddy at the office who wants to start going with me on lunch to the gym I'm really excited this will help with my goal of getting to the gym twice a week.

this is my second day of blogging everyday for a month and I'll just do the best I can I can't promise but I'll try.

I'm going to start my new Bible study monday. I've updated some goals recently so check out the baby it's cold outside post.

My new office is fabulous and I think I'll really enjoy working there. Ok I know this is a bit of a downer post but this evening is a downer that's all I have.

Monday, October 27, 2008

on cloud nine

wow today was my first day at my new office everyone is super nice and I'm really going to love my new work responsibilities. There are not words to describe the elation I felt walking out the door of my work place at 5:00 PM and going home. I got to the gym and made dinner all before 7 in the evening. That was completely unheard of until today.

So I totally flaked on my blog everyday for a month goal so I'm starting over for today.

I had a blast at the affair of the heart Saturday with mom and the Ballet saturday night was awesome except I didn't take my camera so no pics of Jeremy and I all dressed up :(

I'm really excited at what's in store for me at my new work place and I love that I have a life again outside of work.

The only goals I really am working on today was #22 go to the gym twice a week. and # 96 blog everyday for a week.

After leaving my old work place I truly believe I have laid the foundation for goal #39 make a solid new friendship I got a beautiful e-mail and really feel like maybe I was at my old job to meet this new friend, and that is why God chose to keep me there as long as He did.

I hope to start my daily Bible study goal #50 next Sunday.

In other news: Jeremy and I made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday armed with a 20% off coupon we purchased a new curtain rod for our balcony door and a new piece of art for our kitchen wall. These things make me happy and I promise there are still pictures to come.

later alligators,

Mrs. A

Friday, October 24, 2008

last day of work musings

Ok so today is my last day here at my current employer. It's been a bumpy ride to say the least and I am excited to be moving forward. I got beautiful flowers from my supervisor and all my co-workers signed two very lovely cards and we had a great lunch. I still harbor some hurt feelings over different issues but what's done is done and I'm moving on in life.

Today my goal at 6:00 PM is to walk away and not look back. I'll be around to visit, but I really feel my new job will be such a positive rewarding experience.

In other news:
Jeremy got tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder's opening night of regular season play. We attended a pre-season game last week which was tons of fun and I can only imagine that the regular season game will be even more exciting.

Busy weekend ahead so my posts will be short and sweet.

Craft night at the church tonight!!!


Mrs. A

Thursday, October 23, 2008

such a beautiful season

Have I mentioned how much I love the Fall! It's just so beautiful. The colors are magnificent and the trees put on quite a show. I love this season I always have ever since I was a little girl. There's just something about staying warm while it's cold outside that sort of makes you forget your troubles. The breezy winds signify change and is a promise of beauty for the rest of the year.

Speaking of change tomorrow is my last day here at my current job. I did the honorable thing and gave two weeks notice. People's attitudes sure change when they find out your leaving. The same people who've been nasty and rude are telling me how much they're going to miss me. All I really want to say to them is why couldn't you have been like this when I still worked here? It's ok though I'm moving on to bigger and better things and I'm really excited. I feel like a two ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that I finally have time to do things for me. Tomorrow is going to be an odd day because I don't think it's quite hit me yet that when I walk out that door tomorrow I won't be coming back. It's so surreal to think that the place where I feel like I've spent every waking hour of the last two years will no longer be a part of my life and you know what I'm thrilled. There are some wonderful people I will truly miss. But isn't that what growing up is all about moving on better things.

Tonight Jeremy and I will be carving our pumpkin and hopefully I will have pictures I did complete #3 on my list and create a flickr account so hopefully uploading pictures to this blog will be simpler.

This is a random non-sense post. But it keeps me up to date with #96 blog everyday for a month.

Still To Come: pics from Thunder game, and anniversary, and maybe even pumpkin carving.

Mrs. A

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

baby it's cold outside, and promise kept.

Holy Cow I think Oklahoma went straight from end of summer to winter last night. It's in the low 50's today and supposed to freeze tonight. Ahh gotta love Oklahoma for the random weather changes. Change is all around us even on my blog I finally have a pretty background like other bloggers, and I even got ambitious last night and added a music player. Needless to say for a blogger novice I felt pretty accomplished. Hopefully I'll have even more changes to my blog facelift coming.

AS PROMISED MY 101 in 1001 List

Here's the Criteria:
The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

My list is personal and I hesitated to post it but the truth of the matter is if I am held accountable to myself then I will push forward on these tasks.
I welcome failure if I don't succeed I will try again until I do but I feel this is a nice way to chronicle what is my journey at this point in my life.

If the goal is in italics it means it's in progress.
One I begin to complete things I'll write it out to the side.
my start date was October 20, 2008 I felt our one year anniversary was a great time to begin making new goals.

Because making and preserving memories means so much:
1. get my wedding album made
2. take pictures of Jeremy and I together once a month
3. create a flickr account to upload pictures to-(Completed 10/21/2008)
4. make our honeymoon and first years scrapbook

Because Education is such a blessing:
5. complete my degree in culinary management
6. read 3 books every 3 months
7. take a class just for fun
8. join a toastmasters club
9. watch 3 documentaries

Because making a difference counts:
10. vote in presidential election (completed 11/04/08)
11. voluntter at local food bank
12. take the time to write senators about important issues
13. follow presidential coverage
14. watch at least 2 debates
15. vote in all local matters

Because being healthy is good for the heart:
16. Take Missy for walks in park once a month
17. find a doctor and have yearly check ups and take preventative health measures
18. Work on my posture
19. try to replace regular milk with Silk
20. try tilapia
21. get body fat percentage under 15%
22. go to gym twice a week
23. eliminate processed sugar from my diet
24. start eating clean
25. take a daily vitamin everyday for 6 months
26. reduce soda intake to twice a week
27. replace fatty snacks with fruits and vegetables
28. moisturize skin daily
29. wear glasses once a week to let eyes rest from contact lenses
30. wear flats twice week to work instead of my usual sky high heels
31. wear comfy shoes to work and change once there twice a week

Because money management makes sense:
32. install quicken on my laptop and use it instead of trying to write everything-done
33. Buy a home
34. invest money wisely in the stock market starting May 2009
35. for one week pay for everything in cash
36. sell old formal gowns on Pageant Resale site-done
37. take lunch from home 4 times per week

Because is friendship is the foundation for a fulfilling life:
38. find a nice place to go with friends on a regular basis-done
39. make one solid new friendship I'm actually on my way to making 2
40. have a girl's night once every other month

Because we set goals in our marriage:
41. fix up our apartment
42. travel out of the country
43. host a dinner party

Because I love my husband:
44. write a handwritten just because note to Jeremy once a month
45. pray for our marriage daily
46. take walks with Jeremy once every week
47. buy Jeremy a nice present for his birthday (completed bought him a nice watch)
48. establish a no TV hour once a week-we're not doing so hot
49. watch at least one football game per month with Jeremy

Because faith must be nourished:
50. begin a daily Bible study and keep it up for one year
51. go on a mission trip
52. become a prayer warrior
53. find a church we love
54. join the choir at our new church
55. learn 3 new contemporary worship songs for piano every 6 months.
56. read through the Bible chronologically
57. Be a witness to one lost soul

Because home cooking is better than fast food:
58. cook foods I am afraid of
59. prepare for culinary school by attempting homemade bread
60. go to a wine tasting
61. sample a new wine every 6 months
62. limit eating out to once per week
63. create a signature dessert
64. plan meals every week

Because a happy home is an organized home:
65. establish a plan for purchasing new furniture a little at a time
66. purchase a filing cabinet for home records-done January 2009
67. start a binder with ideas for our future home (complete 11/12/08)
68. make the bed every day
69. clean out vehicle every 3 months
70. create a home management binder-done March 2009
71. work on creating a craft area in apartment -plan in place May 2009
72. buy a printer-done February 2009

Because human kindness at times can feel like it's been forgotten:
73. pay for the person behind me in drive through on ten different occasions 1/10 complete.
74. replace all negative thoughts about myself with positive ones about others
75. do a random act of kindness once every month

Going green, because our planet is important:
76. buy reuseable grocery bags-done March 2009
77. begin recycling-plan in place with kitchen redo in apt.
78. unplug all appliances when not in use

Because creativity counts:
79. create a new I-Pod playlist every 3 months
80. make 5 homemade gifts for each holiday season
81. create a unique date night for Jeremy and I once every 3 months (went ice skating 11/14/08), went rock climbing 02/08/2009,

Because making others happy warms the heart:
82. cook dinner for a family and take it to them on 3 different occasions
83. offer to babysit my neices at least once a month
84. take my mom to a Thunder game-done February 2009
85. throw a party for my sister on her birthday-didn't do it
86. host a shower for someone

Because I should love what I do:
87. try to thoroughly enjoy my new job-(not happening I'm so bored)
88. don't let my job take over my life again(definitely succeeding)
89. be diligent with all tasks assigned to me at work
90. implement a no gossip policy at work

because every girl needs a few frivolous goals in her life:
91. get a massage- done 03/29/2009
92. get a facial
93. take a make up class
94. find and buy that perfect little black dress-done April 2009
95. get a passport
96. blog every day for one month(I'm never going to accomplish this)
97. give my blog a facelift(I do this a couple times a month)
98. run a 5K
99. To be determined by December 25, 2009
100.To be determined by February 14, 2010
101. once this 101 list is complete create a new one

Well there you have it some of my goals are frivolous some are simply things I need to be doing anyway but haven't been. Some are going to be harder to track than others but that's ok. This list is uniquely mine and I won't lie it took about 3 weeks to create the list edit and finalize it.
But there you have it expect updates weekly on my progress.

Hopefully this will inspire you to create your own 101 in 1001 list.

COMING SOON: pictures from the pre-season OKC Thunder game Jeremy and I attended, pics from our anniversary, and more on the seasons changing, church news, and of course 101 in 1001 updates.

Mrs. A

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anniversary Celebration and the start of year two!

Our anniversary dinner was fabulous we went to the same restaurant where we had our very first date. We didn't say anything to the wait staff but they actually sat us in the exact same place we sat on our first date. We talked about the year and started discussing our goals for the next year. We decided to follow tradition and get each other paper gifts for our first anniversary I got a lovely new Bible engraved with my married name. Jeremy is getting since it hasn't arrived yet a large blown up print of the night sky over our church that I had taken the night of our wedding it's blown up and stylized a bit and it says what has become my signature phrase to him "I love you to the moon and back". I told him what he was getting since it hasn't arrived yet.

We played it low key last night but decided on our 2nd anniversary we will take a trip.

I still can't believe I've gotten to be Mrs. A for an entire year now.

In other news we have a very busy weekend ahead of us.

Friday night we have a ladies craft night at our church that I'm attending and Jeremy has a boys night for their NBA Fantasy league draft, Saturday I'm running errands and headed to the Affair of the Heart in the afternoon with my mom, Saturday night Jeremy got us tickets to the Ballet, Sunday Jeremy is volunteering at Haunt the Zoo so I am taking my two neices out there that evening.

Then come Monday morning...........

I start my new job!!!

I still can't believe I don't have to work anymore weekends or any more late nights!!!

Somewhere in between today and all the excitement this weekend I have to find time to clean up our apartment. I did my fall cleaning in which I emptied cabinets, scrubbed floors, took inventory of our pantry and much more last weekend but I still have a lot more to do so starting tonight I'll be cleaning every evening til Friday.
Wish me luck!

Still to come this week
My 101 in 1001 list.

more later.......

Mrs. A

Monday, October 20, 2008


Wow it doesn't seem possible that a year has flown by so quickly.

One year ago at 10:00 in the morning I had curlers in my hair and I was frantically worrying about who was going to light all the candles before the ceremony started.

I really believed that our wedding would be the best day of my life. But there have been so many moments this past year that have rivaled that special day.

It's been one heck of a year that's for sure, new jobs, new apartments, doggy shananigans.

Life didn't stop just because we got married in fact if you ask me it sped up quite a bit.

It's true how even small mundane tasks become enjoyable when you share your life with someone. I have become completely dependent on my wonderful husband and I honestly don't know what I'd ever do if I had to be without him.

There are so many reasons I love my Jeremy but just to name a few.
I love that he treats me like a princess no matter whether I deserve it or not.
I love the way he looks at me and always lets me cuddle close.
I love the way he holds me when I've had a bad day.
I love how he never loses faith in us even when I feel we've hit a brick wall.
I love how he continually reassures me that God is in control
I love that he accepts me for who I am.

I could go on and on and on. He is an amazing person and to this day I truly believe that I am the luckiest woman in the entire world to be married to him.
He makes me so happy and makes my life so beautiful even in the tough times.

Marriage is tough it hasn't all been roses but looking back I don't think I would change a thing about this past year.

So here's a toast to year one and I can't wait til we're toasting to year 10, 20, 30 40, 50, and beyond.

I love you Jeremy to the moon and back!!

Mrs. A

Friday, October 17, 2008

Long Explanatory post as promised.

Well ladies and gents of the blogging world I am finally starting a new job with better hours. I decided a few weeks ago that I was tired of being unhappy and I nailed down the problem to my job had taken over my life.

So I took charge, I found a new job, decided to let old hurt feelings go and be vulnerable. I am opening my heart to people again and trying my hardest to let others in. I have started scrapbooking and am working on creating my own little crafting corner in our apartment.

I am planning small renovations to the apartment to make it better.If I have to live there I'm going to make it as homey and welcoming as possible. I want to start inviting people over more often and being more social. I truly miss my close friends who don't live in Oklahoma any longer but that doesn't mean I can't make room in my heart for new ones.

I finally got our wedding picture disk almost a year after our wedding, and I'm putting those pictures to good use

I'm making a fresh start with Relay and I'm really excited to see what 2009 brings.

I'm getting in the Holiday spirit early and planning my Christmas gifts now so that I won't be stressed during the rush of the season.

I'm so excited at what's in store and having time to do the things that make me happy.

I've renewed my committment to spend time with God one on one daily

Life is finally turning around for me and I feel so blessed.

In other news our big ONE YEAR Anniversary is coming up on Monday and I am just wondering how the heck time flew by so fast. My first married year has been a fabulous one and I look forward to the future with my best friend.

Also I recently found out I'm going to be a Great Aunt my nephew and his lovely wife are expecting their first child. My nephew has just this week returned home from Iraq and I can't help but be so excited for them. Congrats Therin & Christine.

And even more awesomeness my beautiful Maid of Honor is herself engaged as of Friday October 10th. I saw her Wednesday evening at Church and she is just glowing. Congratulations Savannah and Phil I wish you much happiness.

Coming Soon
: I have created a 101 in 1001 list. If you don't know what it is I will explain when I show you mine. I'll be posting it next week and journaling my progress here.

More later....

Mrs. A

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Did IT!!!

I got a new job I start on the 27th and I can't wait!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


YAY October is definitely my favorite month of the year.

I just adore all things Fall.

1. for starters our Anniversary is this month!! It's crazy to think we are just 18 days from our one year anniversary. I found the perfect gift for husband but I am afraid I waited too long to order it and it won't be here in time. Whoops.

2. I love the fall weather and the scenery changing leaves, mums, and pumpkins abound.

3. I don't know what it is about the season but it is the time of year when I feel the most centered and at peace.

Some say Fall is made for the old souls of the world and I guess I must be one of them. Fall is the one time of year I truly feel myself. I love cooking hot stew, drinking apple cider and chai tea, wearing jeans and hoodies, making fall crafts, it being cold enough to pair a scarf with a long sleeve shirt but not cold enough for gloves and winter coats. I feel most at ease with myself in the fall it's something about the cool weather and the beautiful evenings that touches my soul in the deepest way. My home stays more organized in the Fall, I take better care of myself, I even have the courage to make big decisions I've been putting off. Don't ask me why but I love that it's finally here.

This is a random post but it's an ode to my favorite month.

Stay tuned change is in the air.