Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anniversary Celebration and the start of year two!

Our anniversary dinner was fabulous we went to the same restaurant where we had our very first date. We didn't say anything to the wait staff but they actually sat us in the exact same place we sat on our first date. We talked about the year and started discussing our goals for the next year. We decided to follow tradition and get each other paper gifts for our first anniversary I got a lovely new Bible engraved with my married name. Jeremy is getting since it hasn't arrived yet a large blown up print of the night sky over our church that I had taken the night of our wedding it's blown up and stylized a bit and it says what has become my signature phrase to him "I love you to the moon and back". I told him what he was getting since it hasn't arrived yet.

We played it low key last night but decided on our 2nd anniversary we will take a trip.

I still can't believe I've gotten to be Mrs. A for an entire year now.

In other news we have a very busy weekend ahead of us.

Friday night we have a ladies craft night at our church that I'm attending and Jeremy has a boys night for their NBA Fantasy league draft, Saturday I'm running errands and headed to the Affair of the Heart in the afternoon with my mom, Saturday night Jeremy got us tickets to the Ballet, Sunday Jeremy is volunteering at Haunt the Zoo so I am taking my two neices out there that evening.

Then come Monday morning...........

I start my new job!!!

I still can't believe I don't have to work anymore weekends or any more late nights!!!

Somewhere in between today and all the excitement this weekend I have to find time to clean up our apartment. I did my fall cleaning in which I emptied cabinets, scrubbed floors, took inventory of our pantry and much more last weekend but I still have a lot more to do so starting tonight I'll be cleaning every evening til Friday.
Wish me luck!

Still to come this week
My 101 in 1001 list.

more later.......

Mrs. A

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