Monday, October 27, 2008

on cloud nine

wow today was my first day at my new office everyone is super nice and I'm really going to love my new work responsibilities. There are not words to describe the elation I felt walking out the door of my work place at 5:00 PM and going home. I got to the gym and made dinner all before 7 in the evening. That was completely unheard of until today.

So I totally flaked on my blog everyday for a month goal so I'm starting over for today.

I had a blast at the affair of the heart Saturday with mom and the Ballet saturday night was awesome except I didn't take my camera so no pics of Jeremy and I all dressed up :(

I'm really excited at what's in store for me at my new work place and I love that I have a life again outside of work.

The only goals I really am working on today was #22 go to the gym twice a week. and # 96 blog everyday for a week.

After leaving my old work place I truly believe I have laid the foundation for goal #39 make a solid new friendship I got a beautiful e-mail and really feel like maybe I was at my old job to meet this new friend, and that is why God chose to keep me there as long as He did.

I hope to start my daily Bible study goal #50 next Sunday.

In other news: Jeremy and I made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond on Saturday armed with a 20% off coupon we purchased a new curtain rod for our balcony door and a new piece of art for our kitchen wall. These things make me happy and I promise there are still pictures to come.

later alligators,

Mrs. A

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