Tuesday, October 28, 2008

totally ridiculously hurt and feeling liberated.

regarding the hurt: Message boards are public people that is all I have to say.

I am feeling liberated I just deleted my facebook, my myspace, and my linkedn I'm not a slave to the internet anymore well except for this silly little blog. But eh I've got to have one thing that's mine.

In 101 in 1001 updates
there is a branch of my gym fairly close to my new office and I have a buddy at the office who wants to start going with me on lunch to the gym I'm really excited this will help with my goal of getting to the gym twice a week.

this is my second day of blogging everyday for a month and I'll just do the best I can I can't promise but I'll try.

I'm going to start my new Bible study monday. I've updated some goals recently so check out the baby it's cold outside post.

My new office is fabulous and I think I'll really enjoy working there. Ok I know this is a bit of a downer post but this evening is a downer that's all I have.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Good for you girl! I will pray that you find a new home church.

Making choices that will only be positive is not a "downer!" I feel inspired reading!

Sidenote: Oh my word, the word verification to post this comment is "chest" lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, It's Kimi! Tonight was the carnival at church and I missed you there! Don't let people get you down! Those that are truly friends and not just aquantinances (sp?) will still be there for you! Congrats on the new job!

BTW, who is giving to grief, because I will totally take care of that one for you. I feel like Gary, Connie, Jeremy and you are family and I don't take it well when people mess with my family!

Loves! Kimi