Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give Thanks


 I'm remembering today to be grateful for all the blessings in my life. Traffic was just awful this morning, and people seem to be ruder than ever this year. I'm trying my best to smile through it and remember my happiness doesn't depend on them but on me. I'm making it a goal to not get irritated by Holiday craziness this year my mother did a great job of spreading Christmas Cheer when I was younger I remember being in awe of her and her ability to let little things roll off her back, I learned from her that Christmas craziness wasn't a reason to let my spirits die and I hope I teach the same lesson to our sweet girl :)

   I have so much to be thankful for this year:

 Wonderful doctors who've helped give my mom another year of Holiday celebrations with us.

Family who although drive me crazy are mine and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Mr. A my wonderful thoughtful caring husband who daily I look at and wonder how I got so lucky. I cannot wait to see him become a daddy :)

Amazing people I'm blessed to call friends

a church home where we are not judged for who we are but accepted: broken, bruised, tattered, and torn though we may be. It is amazing to know that no matter what struggles we face the bonds we've created in our church home will be there to support us through it.

a home of our own to spend the Holidays in this year and looking forward to many years to come of watching our sweet baby girl grow up in that home

my relationship with Christ and being secure in the knowledge that I am His child and no one can take that away from me

the sweet baby girl growing inside me who daily reminds me with her playful kicks, and sometimes crazy dance parties, that I am not alone and no longer am I just a woman contemplating my future, but I'm a momma with the chance to leave a legacy by being the Light to my baby girl and teaching her about our Heavenly Father who already loves her so much so that she may also become Light to a broken world.

My little piece of the internet in which I'm free to write my thoughts however often or sporadically I choose it's my place, my private little oasis where I can be alone with my thoughts and whatever comes to my head is what usually goes on the screen :) the wonderful relationships I've formed with so many other bloggers is an added bonus :)

There are so many more things I have to be grateful for but these are just a few. My prayer for myself as well as all of you reading is that you will remember your own gratefulness list when your in the midst of Holiday chaos and it will make you smile regardless of how many times you just got cut off in traffic or how long of a line you have to stand in to get those Holiday purchases made.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

22 weeks and wow Thanksgving is close.

Wow this pregnancy has really started flying. I'm so sorry for posting the name and then basically leaving my blog un-attended for a long period it wasn't intentional life just took a turn for the crazy. Thanks for all your comments regarding Lil Miss's name we love it and we know she might have some mis-pronunciation and we're ok with that. We fall more in love with our little Carys every day :)  We've had some sweet moments in the last couple of weeks including Mr. A getting to feel our little girl move for the first time that was a sweet moment I won't ever forget. He talks to her every night with his hand on my belly and one night he was talking and I felt her move but didn't think he could yet but his eyes got really wide and he looked at me and said "she kicked me"!  It was very special. She has fallen into a pretty recognizable pattern of movement in that she is mainly still during the day and then around 11PM she thinks it's time for a dance party.

I can't even begin to fathom that Thanksgiving is so close it's like I blinked and my beloved October was over. I can't believe we only have one more full week after this one and the following one is Thanksgiving week. Mr. A and I are hosting this year and I am so excited about that. It's been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to host my very own Thanksgiving Dinner in my home and this year I get to fulfill that! So as you can imagine the Mr. and I are busy bees preparing our home this week we've been focusing on cleaning out and organizing our fridge and pantry in preparation for the shopping to come.

In other news our baby girl's nursery is starting to come together in my head. We've decided on a sweet pink and green color scheme with cherry blossoms and birdies as a sort of unofficial theme. We're excited to go start our registry this weekend. I'm also busily planning my bestie's baby shower that is set for December 04th. We're doing a winter wonderland theme with sweet pink, silver, and white colors. I'll be sure and post pics the more details I get pulled together. I can't wait to throw her shower she is such a blessing to me and I really want to give her a shower to remember.

Ok this is sort of a hodge podge post and it'll probably be more of the same in the coming weeks but I promise to not leave the blog completely un-attended for an entire week at a time again. I wish I was a better blogger but sometimes life just takes over.
Later Alligators...
Mrs. A