Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As I sit here typing this message I am angry with myself and searching for an answer as to why I have become such a people pleaser lately. Seriously I cannot say no to people and I find myself caring way too much what others think of me :( Why is it that when I take my focus off God I shift it back onto myself and  I become obsessed with pleasing people when I should be worried about being a good and faithful servant. Lately I've been so busy that my devotions have fallen out of step and my quiet time well it's back to being my drive to work instead of an actual set time. Don't get me wrong my word for the year is SERVE and I want to be in service to people in anyway I can, however I don't think this means putting myself last and sacrificing my free time to the point I become burnt out!

Recently I agreed to help with a cake I had no interest in doing, I agreed to have a make up cake class with one student, I agreed to a dinner I didn't really want because it was what someone else wanted, I can name numerous other occassions where I chose to play the people pleaser instead of standing up for myself. ARGH!! Why do I do this?

Is anyone else a people pleaser? Does anyone have any tips on becoming more assertive with your opinions and why can't I say NO?!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

where did July go?!!

Excuse me can anyone help me I seem to have misplaced the month of July anyone care to help me find it?
I cannot believe that July has gone so quickly don't misread me I'm thrilled about that it just means I'm one step closer to my favorite time of the year but dang this year needs to slow down it'll be 2011 before we know what hit us.

So since I missed blogging in the month of July almost entirely here's a quick update on my summer.

I had entirely too much fun hanging out with friends on the 4th watching the boys shoot off fireworks and listening to the kiddos ooh and ahh at the pretties

I had a ton of fun at girl's night we ate lasagna and had cake for dessert and sat around just talking it was lovely.

Mr. A and I finally completed the task of refinishing our bedroom dresser and it looks lovely

I got a lot of paint on me and a little on our trim work as we slowly started painting all the trim in our home

I got covered in little turquoise dust particles as the horrible textured turquoise paint in our master bath started coming off

I spent a little time in the pool and got burned to a crisp

I enjoyed the week of rain and cooler temperatures that gave me just a taste of my fave season

I weeded flower beds and played with Missy our labrador in the sprinkler while we were trying to water the grass

I spent a week getting trampled on and tackled by kindergartners at Vacation Bible School

I started my 3rd month of teaching cake decorating classes.

and here we are late July it's hot ridiculously so and tonight is cake class then I have to go home and continue my work on wedding cake trials I'm doing for a wedding cake in early September. The trials are necessary to get the shape of the carved cake just right. Tomorrow is Wednesday and mid-week which means movie night with friends, then Thursday we're having dinner with my mom just because she wants to see us :)
Friday brings the weekend closer and we're going to host game night at our house it'll be the first time hosting more than just 1 couple at our house. Then after this weekend we'll wake up only to realize that we only have 1 week left of this dreaded month of ridiculously hot temperatures, and then it'll be August and once August is over it will once again be September my 2nd favorite month of the year :)

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A

Friday, July 2, 2010

I survived :)

First of all thank you all so much for your kind words for Mr. A's grandmother she's in a better place and we are at peace with that. Sometimes it's hard when you have family pretty much across the country from you but we make it work and have resolved to spend more time in Florida in the future.

My weekend was very full actually my wonderful friends took it upon themselves to make sure I wasn't lonely without Mr. A and I had fun hanging out with the girls. Not to say I didn't get lonely at night by myself especially when Missy started barking at some random noise, and I'm sure my neighbor's got a good laugh at this girl trying to tip a trash can full of water to empty it so I could put the trash at the curb for pick up. I'm also sure they enjoyed my shrieks when the bee that was in my flower bed landed on me when I was watering on Tuesday. I must express my sincere gratitude to my friendly neighbor who helped me tip over that wretched trash can next time it rains I'll be sure to pull it inside.

It's true that you don't know what you've got til it's gone I know when Mr. A got home I had a newfound respect and love for everything he helps me do.

Thanks for all the movie suggestions I didn't get to watch any of them but I have them all now lined up in my Netflix cue :)

I hope everyone has a lovely Independence Day and nice long relaxing weekends.

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A