Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health and Fitness

I'm feeling rather lethargic these days since all I can really do is sit on the couch. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see about getting off these dang crutches that are so painful!

Anyway I figured since I can't run for 2 months I should be planning on a brand new workout schedule that will kick me into gear as soon as I am able to be 100% again.

So here are my new fitness goals:

Reach 15% body fat
Run at least 2 5K's by May 2010
run at least 6 miles a week every week
workout 4 days a week with only Friday as a break
start eating more organic foods

I'm going to try really hard to be in the gym on my lunch 4 days a week.

on Monday it's going to be cardio and running
Tuesday Arms and Back weight training
Wednesday more running
Thursday: legs and core weight training

I have lost most of my muscle definition and this makes me sad I want it back :(
So I guess I'll just have to set really high goals for myself in July.

June 21st can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to be back to my old self.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

when I grow up I want to be?

Along with the opportunity finally coming available for me to go back to college and attain my degree comes a lot of questions. So what do I really want to do with my life. I know I hate being tied to a desk love working with my hands, and love being with people. Ok great but what does that translate to career wise. Well I love cooking, and baking, and being crafty. Ok great but what does that translate to career wise. This is the conversation I've been having with myself for a little over a month now.

I've been looking at programs for different schools online and nothing has sounded like something I'd want to do. I'm not interested in accounting, or finance, or business, and I most certainly don't think I want a degree in a field that will be hard to get work in here iN our state, and I'm not ok with just being an Admin Assistant forever, and I'm not crazy about a career in which I have to be at work behind a desk and not be home with my kiddos once they're in the picture.

So what's a girl to do? Well I prayed and waited for God to tell me. I still haven't had a sign from God per se, but my husband did say "maybe you should think about culinary school, you love cooking and baking so much".

Well my first reaction was to laugh..... me? culinary school? a chef? yeah right!! But then I thought again if I got my BS in culinary management I would have the skills necessary to maybe one day follow my real dream and open my own Bakery. My husbands thoughts were I could work in a bakery somewhere while getting my degree since I will have my Wilton certifications by then and then maybe advance with the right credentials (IE a degree in Culinary Arts) and eventually open my own place.

It sounds far fetched and I feel crazy for even considering it but I am. This decision is still about 6 months from being final but my blog is just my place to work out the thought process.

For the record yes I feel certifiably insane but Chef Mrs. A has a nice ring to it.

Later Alligators,

Mrs. A

Please Pray for My Husband

That he doesn't want to strangle me by the time I get off these crutches. Poor guy I felt like I was barking orders at him all night. I wasn't meaning to I really wasn't. I guess once I get off these crutches I'll have to baby him for a while.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Call Me Grace

This morning heading up the stairs to my office I slipped and fell and hurt my ankle pretty good. Sayonara 5K on Sunday :(

The timing could not be worse and I am so depressed!!

EDIT: the verdict is in and I have a miniscule tear in my achilles tendon and bad sprain. Crutches for two weeks, no heels for at least 2 months and no running or vigorous strain for at least 2 months :(

Monday, April 20, 2009

pics from this weekend

some pics from the pageant this weekend. I have no pics of the new queen but she was so awesome and I think she'll do a great job.

first pics are of 2 awesome former queens

Missy 2007
pageant pic

Alli 2008
pageant 2009

next 2 are of two current competitors:

Tiffany this girl is so much fun!! It's no wonder she won Congeniality, and that gold gown was to die for on her.

pageant pic

Tasha this lady oozed elegance and classic beauty.

pageant 2009

I know pageants aren't for everyone but they've made a big difference in my life. They've made me more outgoing and more polished. I've never been nervous in a job interview and I credit that to pageant experience.

Many people argue that pageants are expensive and they can be but they don't have to be if you have sponsors. I have never spent money out of pocket to compete in a pageant.

I enjoy competing and may choose to compete next year in this particular pageant since I got a lot of questions about coming back last Saturday. If I do rest assured I'll be blogging about it however it won't consume my life or my blog. Pageants tend to bring out my best I work harder in the gym and in general when I know I have a competition coming up.

The women I have met through pageant competition have been some of the most amazing women ever. It's not a catty nightmare which is the picture many people paint of the pageant world. Actually the opposite is true most of the women are more humble than the average woman you will meet on the street.

The show Saturday night was awesome and the caliber of women was extremely high. I am so excited for the new queen I had her picked from the beginning of the night when I met her backstage.

Coming soon a huge decision that's been weighing on my mind regarding my career choices might have finally been decided and I may truly be completely crazy but it's what makes me the unique person I am.

more later....

Mrs. A

Friday, April 17, 2009

weekend plans

Jeremy and I are going to Target to purchas an air purifier
I'm getting laundry pre-treated and sorted to take to the laundro-mat tomorrow.
I'm thinking seriously about baking because I wanted to last night and then didn't.

Laundro-mat in the AM because that's when it's quiet and we're the only ones there
cleaning in the afternoon
and then saturday evening I am going to help out backstage at a pageant in Guthrie

Church and then cake decorating class and then preparing for the week

Not much of a restful weekend this time around but oh well.

In an effort to be more efficient in my home cleaning tasks I have created a daily cleaning and weekly cleaning list. I already do most of these things on a regular basis, but I thought if I made a list it'd be more convenient.

So here's my daily list:

I'll post my weekly list next week.

wipe down counters
sweep floors
wipe down kitchen table
dust coffee and end tables
pick up clutter
use hand vac on any spots that need it
put away dirty clothes
put away any craft supplies
clean bathroom mirror
wipe bathroom counters
spray cleaner on shower tile

Katie over at Hyper Homemaker was a big influence on this list. Thanks Katie for keeping me more organized.

Later Alligators,
Mrs. A

Thursday, April 16, 2009

so nervous

I am so nervous about this 5K coming up not next weekend but the following. I'm so afraid I'm going to let everyone down and not be able to complete it or complete it really slow. I'm still not quite able to complete a full 5K without dying and I have no idea right at this moment why I agreed to do this. :(

Thursday Randomness

1. This has been an unbelievably slow week thus far.
2. I have been getting 3.5 hours of sleep at least a night (this is awesome compared to no sleep)
3. I haven't baked in a while and I think I want to tonight.
4. I have a lot of house work to do tonight too though
5. I've decided to do some spring cleaning after the race which is too ridiculously close.
6.I have new blog love for Katie over at Hyper Homemaker I bookmarked her on my "blogs that rock" list.
7. my new running shoes are fabulous I adore them and they were worth every penny
8. I have new music on my i-pod and that is the only reason I'm excited about my lunchtime run
9. I recently went back to Mary Kay skin care and make up products and my face is thanking me
10. I was mean to my husband because I didn't feel well last night and I feel bad about it today. :(

More Later...

Mrs. A

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new shoes!!

Today I picked up my new running shoes on my lunch break. I can't wait to try them out.

This is almost what they look like. They are Asics and I'm excited to try them out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

so excited: regarding my run!

I had a very good run today I felt great and I kept up a steady pace not having to stop and walk like usual I was pretty happy.

Happy Friday


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my review of "The Shack"

This book was seriously so addicting I couldn't put it down Saturday night. I finished it Sunday evening it was just one of those books you can't bring yourself to leave the story.

Have some tissues with you when you read it if you're like me and a big softy I'd say I sobbed through over half the book and the first part is just heart wrenching.

I don't want to give away any of the book in case any of you out there might like to read it but I will just say this.

It challenged my way of prayer and spending time with God. It challenged my way of thinking about the trinity and it challenged what my believed perceptions are of religion. With out making me feel threatened. It didn't brow beat and it didn't preach it simply stated things in a matter of fact way that made me go hmm I never thought of it like that.

It might seem silly but I feel like I was supposed to read this book and I'm not sure why, but I'm so glad I did.

IF you haven't read this book and you get the chance read it. Maybe it will challenge you a little bit too.

Like a said the book is a lot sad but sometimes I felt myself crying tears of joy right along with the main character in the book.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

in a rut

So before I got married I had super long hair because I wanted to be able to do an updo for the wedding. The day I got back from our honeymoon I chopped 7 inches off my hair and I've been wearing a variation of the bob hair cut ever since. But it never fails 1 month in to my hair cut that my budget dictates I have make last 2 months at least it grows into the odd shape and I just pull it back into a short little pony tail almost everyday I'm so sick of it my hair does not look good pulled back because my ears stick out.

So what should I do cut it off again or grow it out. It sits on my shoulders right now but there are various layers in it. I HATE IT.

Opinions Please.

my picture in my profile is pretty current to what my hair looks like but that particular style was after about 2 hours of straightening.

Thanks Friends!!

Mrs. A

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

running update

Hey ladies,

So after 3 treadmill runs and 2 outside ones I'm still only at about a 15 minute mile which to say the least is pathetic. I can't run more than about 3 minutes without dying and I have to take a day off in between. Someone tell me this gets better?!

I need to get new shoes I think I have blisters on my heels, and I know I need to be eating better. I'm working on it. I am really committed to this run and I don't want to let my team members down.

So seriously runners can I have your best tips for staying with it, preventing blisters, staying hydrated?

and a few questions:

should I run with or without head phones?
is it better to run outside or on a treadmill when just getting started?
what should I wear cause my cotton shorts are totally rubbing in the wrong places?

Thanks in advance ladies.

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A