Friday, April 17, 2009

weekend plans

Jeremy and I are going to Target to purchas an air purifier
I'm getting laundry pre-treated and sorted to take to the laundro-mat tomorrow.
I'm thinking seriously about baking because I wanted to last night and then didn't.

Laundro-mat in the AM because that's when it's quiet and we're the only ones there
cleaning in the afternoon
and then saturday evening I am going to help out backstage at a pageant in Guthrie

Church and then cake decorating class and then preparing for the week

Not much of a restful weekend this time around but oh well.

In an effort to be more efficient in my home cleaning tasks I have created a daily cleaning and weekly cleaning list. I already do most of these things on a regular basis, but I thought if I made a list it'd be more convenient.

So here's my daily list:

I'll post my weekly list next week.

wipe down counters
sweep floors
wipe down kitchen table
dust coffee and end tables
pick up clutter
use hand vac on any spots that need it
put away dirty clothes
put away any craft supplies
clean bathroom mirror
wipe bathroom counters
spray cleaner on shower tile

Katie over at Hyper Homemaker was a big influence on this list. Thanks Katie for keeping me more organized.

Later Alligators,
Mrs. A

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