Wednesday, April 1, 2009

running update

Hey ladies,

So after 3 treadmill runs and 2 outside ones I'm still only at about a 15 minute mile which to say the least is pathetic. I can't run more than about 3 minutes without dying and I have to take a day off in between. Someone tell me this gets better?!

I need to get new shoes I think I have blisters on my heels, and I know I need to be eating better. I'm working on it. I am really committed to this run and I don't want to let my team members down.

So seriously runners can I have your best tips for staying with it, preventing blisters, staying hydrated?

and a few questions:

should I run with or without head phones?
is it better to run outside or on a treadmill when just getting started?
what should I wear cause my cotton shorts are totally rubbing in the wrong places?

Thanks in advance ladies.

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A


mrs.leah.maria said...

Honestly starting out, you are doing just fine! The key really is when you are in this questioning mode to do exactly as you are, prepare to get through it!

Buy the new shoes, run with headphones when you feel you need the extra boost (otherwise I loooove the clarity that comes with just running in silence). Running outside is definitely more difficult on your body than a treadmill (unless you run with an incline), but running on a treadmill is much more difficult mentally.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Chelsie said...

You are doing great starting out! Right now don't even focus on the time, just focus on the fact that you are doing something good for your body. I always run with headphones and have a hard time running without. Music can really get me going. I much prefer to run outside. Like Leah said, running outside is tougher physically but the mentality needed to run on the treadmill can be brutal. I like to run in capri tights. I got a pair from Old Navy and a pair from Kohls. Target also has some cheap ones. It took me awhile to figure out what I prefer. I tried running shorts, long tights, spandex, and now these. The tight capris are my favorite. Keep up the good work. I swear it gets easier!

Lindsey said...

I think you're doing great! Running is torture to me, but I just do it anyway. It's hard work and you're doing great!!

Julia said...

what perfect timing!

I have to say that the shoes are the BIGGEST factor here, aside from nutrition. And of course, the chafing with cotton shorts. :)

Keep up the good work!