Thursday, April 16, 2009

so nervous

I am so nervous about this 5K coming up not next weekend but the following. I'm so afraid I'm going to let everyone down and not be able to complete it or complete it really slow. I'm still not quite able to complete a full 5K without dying and I have no idea right at this moment why I agreed to do this. :(


Randi said...

well i am going to delurk myself! i found your blog through another blog and have been reading it for a while!

Once you get to the race, 5ks are soo fun because there are soo many people and the adrenaline of all of these runners all around you, the excitement of all of these enthused people will get you through to the end no problem! I run alot of 5ks and the energy at the race gets me everytime! So dont be worried about that, you will be just great.

Mrs. A said...

HECK YES I love new readers you made my day :D

Mrs. S. said...

I'm doing a 5K on the 25th, too! I am not sure if I am helping or doing it, but I am pretty sure I will be in it. If so, I have not trained and I am going to be hurting! Good luck!