Monday, April 20, 2009

pics from this weekend

some pics from the pageant this weekend. I have no pics of the new queen but she was so awesome and I think she'll do a great job.

first pics are of 2 awesome former queens

Missy 2007
pageant pic

Alli 2008
pageant 2009

next 2 are of two current competitors:

Tiffany this girl is so much fun!! It's no wonder she won Congeniality, and that gold gown was to die for on her.

pageant pic

Tasha this lady oozed elegance and classic beauty.

pageant 2009

I know pageants aren't for everyone but they've made a big difference in my life. They've made me more outgoing and more polished. I've never been nervous in a job interview and I credit that to pageant experience.

Many people argue that pageants are expensive and they can be but they don't have to be if you have sponsors. I have never spent money out of pocket to compete in a pageant.

I enjoy competing and may choose to compete next year in this particular pageant since I got a lot of questions about coming back last Saturday. If I do rest assured I'll be blogging about it however it won't consume my life or my blog. Pageants tend to bring out my best I work harder in the gym and in general when I know I have a competition coming up.

The women I have met through pageant competition have been some of the most amazing women ever. It's not a catty nightmare which is the picture many people paint of the pageant world. Actually the opposite is true most of the women are more humble than the average woman you will meet on the street.

The show Saturday night was awesome and the caliber of women was extremely high. I am so excited for the new queen I had her picked from the beginning of the night when I met her backstage.

Coming soon a huge decision that's been weighing on my mind regarding my career choices might have finally been decided and I may truly be completely crazy but it's what makes me the unique person I am.

more later....

Mrs. A