Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Call Me Grace

This morning heading up the stairs to my office I slipped and fell and hurt my ankle pretty good. Sayonara 5K on Sunday :(

The timing could not be worse and I am so depressed!!

EDIT: the verdict is in and I have a miniscule tear in my achilles tendon and bad sprain. Crutches for two weeks, no heels for at least 2 months and no running or vigorous strain for at least 2 months :(


Heather said...

Hey chica! We totally have a lot in common - I love Audrey Hepburn, musicals and Michael Buble too! Haha. Thanks for the event idea - it might be the same weekend as Mrs. Texas, but please send me more info at heatherrouba@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!! Great meeting you as well!

Mrs. S. said...

Oh no!! That sounds horrible! Maybe you could wheel yourself? Haha...j/k! Good luck getting better!