Wednesday, June 25, 2008



I'll have a wonderful picture post after Relay right after I sleep off being up for 48 hours. PROMISE.

Til after Relay. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it sin or simply analyzation.

I have a curse in my personality well actually it's probably a blessing but most of the time I believe it's a curse. You see I'm very tender hearted which means that I can be watching a commercial that's supposed to be funny and if I see something that touches my heart that's it.........I'm in tears. If I hear a particular touching song on the radio.........forget it I'm gone. I have been known to cry during a really beautiful song at church or during moments of CSI or other TV shows.

The same is true when someone says something to me that hurts my feelings I may not outwardly show it but inside I have hot tears streaming down my face and later they will probably become real. I tend to take everything said to me to heart like it was directed at me. This is a bad habit to have when working in a team office environment. There are many days I leave work analyzing why this person or that person doesn't seem to like me or what I did that upset them that day. It becomes sort of a ritual everyday I spend my ten minute ride home wondering what went wrong that day even if the day overall was good. I am very bad about letting one sour moment in a day ruin the entire day for me.

I often find myself praying to understand a situation and to understand why I react certain ways. Which I don't believe in and of itself is sin. It has been said that having wisdom is knowing one's self and being able to identify strengths and weaknesses, or curses as I like to call them. The problem arises when I replay the occurrence of what I took wrong in my mind over and over again. I am the person that believes it's best to confront conflict when faced with it. Which again this by itself is not considered sin in my book.

However I tend to rehearse and replay situations in my mind for days and sometimes weeks before I attempt to communicate with the person I feel slighted by. This is where I believe I fall into sin because by the time I actually talk to the person I have no compassion left and I'm usually more upset than when the incident occurred.

I analyze everything right down to way I brush my teeth it's a habit I can't help it I was born with this characteristic and it's just a part of what makes me well me.
My problem arises when I begin to analyze others and trust my own conclusions instead of the ones that God gives each of us as christians.

The Golden Rule states to treat others as we would like to be treated and I can't say that I'd want to be analyzed by me. So the question posed is it sin, well yes I believe analyzation of a person that causes doubt of them and causes mis-trust is sin.

So what's a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve to do. I think the answer lies in analyzation of myself I need to realize that my self-worth can only be found in Christ and stop worrying about something said or done that may or may not be directed at me.

In the end does it really matter whether or not someone wronged me or is it more important how I treat the person later on. As a Christian woman I am called to love others whether or not they love me back, and whether or not they bruise my tender little heart.

Mrs. A

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

crazy busy times ahead

Well it's Tuesday of what I'd like to call the gearing up week.

Lots of exciting things happening soon.

For starters Relay is NEXT WEEKEND. Wow when did it sneak up so quick I am so excited and cannot wait. Mrs. Oklahoma herself will be visiting us and I can't wait to see her again. I have put a lot of heart into Luminaria which is the ceremony I have planned and I am super excited to see it come to life.

Then after Relay I am helping host a baby shower for my dear friend Michelle who is expecting a baby boy in July.

After that things calm down for a little bit and husband and I have plans for the downtime. Like we're starting a new Bible Study, and I am finally going to have time to do some scrapbooking.

We're finally starting to get on track with our budget and it's starting to work in our favor. It was tough curbing the eating out budget but we are finally starting to get the hang of it.

I am excited at the prospect of a little downtime in July it will be nice. I'd like to plan a nice 4th of July get together with friends but it just depends on budget.

In July all I have actually planned event wise is Relay Wrap Up party on the 22nd where I will officially accept the co-chair position for 2009's Relay.

Then August my in-laws have birthdays and an Anniversary.

September is my mom's b-day which I'd like to host a nice party for her.

Then October is mine and hubby's anniversary.

Then the Holidays begin.

I can't even tell you how crazy it seems to me that I have begun my Christmas shopping and details lists. I remember posting right after the Holidays last year that I refused to be the last minute shopper again and I am making good on that promise.

So here's to the rest of the summer 2008, Fall 2008, and the holidays.

It will be 2009 before I even know what hit me.

Here's hoping that my husband and I take the time to enjoy at least part of 2008. I know in 50 years it won't matter if I got this or that done but it will matter whether or not I spent quality time with friends and family.

Mrs. A

Monday, June 16, 2008

Graduation, Father's Day, and crazy schedules

Well it's been a while since I've written because I've been super busy. First new classes started at my place of business so it's been a madhouse of new students around here. Second our very first class graduated on Saturday and it was a very surreal moment. Thirdly father's day came and went without too much drama.

June has gone by so fast I just can't believe how incredibly quick 2008 is going by.

Things have been and will continue to be incredibly busy until after Relay which is in exactly 11 DAYS!!!!

The husband and I will celebrate 8 months of wedded bliss and stress in just 4 short days.

We celebrated father's day on Saturday and although my father nor my stepfather have been a part of my life there is still someone I get to celebrate on Father's Day and that is my beloved Father in law. He is the father I never had, and I love having him in my life now. I feel like I am catching up on Dad-daughter talks I missed when I was younger.

We are doing a great job of keeping the house work done and the laundry done even though going to the laundromat sucks it is just so quick. We're looking at me possibly having a vehicle by the end of 2008 which is just so awesome to think that I might be driving again in the near future. It has been a long haul to get to this point but I can finally say we're making headway. School isn't nearly as far away as I originally thought and although this is the hard times; I just can't help but think isn't this what being a newlywed is all about? Isn't it about loving through the hard times and learning to face the world together even when it seems as though everyone has turned their back on you.

On a side note congratulations to Michael and Kinzie who tied the knot on June 7th it was a beautiful ceremony and they are beautiful people.

Tomorrow is our last team capt. meeting before Relay 2008 and have I mentioned that I have taken a co-chair position for next year's relay? I am so excited to show the relay world what I am capable of.

More updates to come.

Mrs. A