Monday, June 16, 2008

Graduation, Father's Day, and crazy schedules

Well it's been a while since I've written because I've been super busy. First new classes started at my place of business so it's been a madhouse of new students around here. Second our very first class graduated on Saturday and it was a very surreal moment. Thirdly father's day came and went without too much drama.

June has gone by so fast I just can't believe how incredibly quick 2008 is going by.

Things have been and will continue to be incredibly busy until after Relay which is in exactly 11 DAYS!!!!

The husband and I will celebrate 8 months of wedded bliss and stress in just 4 short days.

We celebrated father's day on Saturday and although my father nor my stepfather have been a part of my life there is still someone I get to celebrate on Father's Day and that is my beloved Father in law. He is the father I never had, and I love having him in my life now. I feel like I am catching up on Dad-daughter talks I missed when I was younger.

We are doing a great job of keeping the house work done and the laundry done even though going to the laundromat sucks it is just so quick. We're looking at me possibly having a vehicle by the end of 2008 which is just so awesome to think that I might be driving again in the near future. It has been a long haul to get to this point but I can finally say we're making headway. School isn't nearly as far away as I originally thought and although this is the hard times; I just can't help but think isn't this what being a newlywed is all about? Isn't it about loving through the hard times and learning to face the world together even when it seems as though everyone has turned their back on you.

On a side note congratulations to Michael and Kinzie who tied the knot on June 7th it was a beautiful ceremony and they are beautiful people.

Tomorrow is our last team capt. meeting before Relay 2008 and have I mentioned that I have taken a co-chair position for next year's relay? I am so excited to show the relay world what I am capable of.

More updates to come.

Mrs. A

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