Tuesday, June 17, 2008

crazy busy times ahead

Well it's Tuesday of what I'd like to call the gearing up week.

Lots of exciting things happening soon.

For starters Relay is NEXT WEEKEND. Wow when did it sneak up so quick I am so excited and cannot wait. Mrs. Oklahoma herself will be visiting us and I can't wait to see her again. I have put a lot of heart into Luminaria which is the ceremony I have planned and I am super excited to see it come to life.

Then after Relay I am helping host a baby shower for my dear friend Michelle who is expecting a baby boy in July.

After that things calm down for a little bit and husband and I have plans for the downtime. Like we're starting a new Bible Study, and I am finally going to have time to do some scrapbooking.

We're finally starting to get on track with our budget and it's starting to work in our favor. It was tough curbing the eating out budget but we are finally starting to get the hang of it.

I am excited at the prospect of a little downtime in July it will be nice. I'd like to plan a nice 4th of July get together with friends but it just depends on budget.

In July all I have actually planned event wise is Relay Wrap Up party on the 22nd where I will officially accept the co-chair position for 2009's Relay.

Then August my in-laws have birthdays and an Anniversary.

September is my mom's b-day which I'd like to host a nice party for her.

Then October is mine and hubby's anniversary.

Then the Holidays begin.

I can't even tell you how crazy it seems to me that I have begun my Christmas shopping and details lists. I remember posting right after the Holidays last year that I refused to be the last minute shopper again and I am making good on that promise.

So here's to the rest of the summer 2008, Fall 2008, and the holidays.

It will be 2009 before I even know what hit me.

Here's hoping that my husband and I take the time to enjoy at least part of 2008. I know in 50 years it won't matter if I got this or that done but it will matter whether or not I spent quality time with friends and family.

Mrs. A

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Anonymous said...

You are so involved with your platform you should check out the Mrs Oklahoma international Pageant. Its a Christian based pageant that ia awesome. They really promote their winners. Its very weighted on community involvement. I know a contestant that was in it last year and she just raved about it.