Monday, March 30, 2009

weekend update/new books!

so our snowy weekend turned out to be nothing more than rain and light snow flurries. Although it did coat trees and cars it didn't stick enough to coat the ground but I still got some cool pics of the trees outside our apartment.

I didn't do a thing Saturday I watched some bad television, napped, and played the wii that was it.

Sunday we missed church because we were lazy so we did housework and headed over to Borders to pick up some new books and just browse around. I picked up two new books one cooking and one just to read.
I picked up this just for reading and enjoying. It was recommended to me and I can't wait to dive into it.

and this because it looked fun and in looking through this book I want to try every single recipe she uses. A woman after my own heart she loves to bakes but loves the convenience of a box mix.

I'll be sure and let you know the first time I use a recipe out of this book and how it turns out. I'll also probably try to do a brief review of "The Shack" when I'm finished with it as well.

I cooked my first of my ten meals for the next two weeks. It was pork tenderloin and twice baked potatoes. It sure wasn't pretty since my potatoes kept tearing as I was scooping them but it was good.

Tonight is my second meal

Chicken fajita quesadillas and I'm excited.

This is a busy week lots of meetings and such so it will be a challenge to not just want to grab fast food but I am committed to cooking every night.

later alligators........

Mrs. A


Lindsey said...

My mom adores the Cake Doctor book! I hope you adore it too!

Mel1 said...

I love The Shack!! Such a great book. Make sure you have your box of tissue**

Michel-lee said...

I've seen the Cake Doctor book before and almost purchased it. I don't remember what receipes it had. Let me know how it turns out.