Friday, March 27, 2009

some new cake pictures and some cuteness.

my niece's birthday cake.


the script is uneven and weird but I think I just need practice it was honestly better than I expected it to be.

my rose cake first attempt. For the record I hate the Wilton rose it is difficult and when I tried to transfer them to my cake from the wax paper I formed them on they got all smooshed, but my co-workers didn't care they ate it anyway and I got compliments that I don't think I deserved. This cake gave me fits from the initial icing and honestly I'm just glad to have finished it without throwing it away.


And some cuteness I was sick last weekend and had my Missy girl right by my side I think she knows when I don't feel well. Anyway the Mr.snapped this pic and neither me or Missy wanted our picture taken. I thought this was adorable.

no pictures please

Bonus pic: look who I caught getting cake!
for the record he said it was good.


Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Michel-lee said...

Yeah, You did it. Your rose isn't that bad. Trust me it takes practice. My instructor insisted we use the Wilton ready to use decorating frosting. It helps you get a smooth looking rose without the jagged edges plus the flower lifter helps you transfer onto the cake. Always let your rose crust for a bit before transfering so it won't be too soft. I have such a hard time trying to keep my arm/hand the proper way when you do each petal. I've got a lot more practicing to do.

Lindsey said...

WOW! Beautiful!!! Great job!