Friday, March 20, 2009

Dentist Update and weekend planning

Ok so my dentist appointment went absoulutey fantastic my new dentist is so nice and he told me we didn't have to do anything scary like my old dentist said we would. He was funny and made me relax it was a great appointment!

I don't have a lot planned for this weekend I've got to ice 2 cakes one for class and one for someone's birthday but that's it shouldn't take me too long.

We do have to go the laundro-mat which I hate but it gets everything done so quick.
I still just cannot wait for the day when we have a washer and dryer of our own.

Other than that I plan on it being a lazy weekend a little housework here and there and of course class on Sunday but that's about it. I am excited about a weekend off.

In other news today is mine and Jeremy's 1 year 6 month anniversary and I got in my car this morning turned on the radio and they were playing our first dance song "Everything" by Michael Buble every time I hear that song it makes me smile. It's Friday and the first official day of spring and to top it off March Madness started yesterday!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Mrs A.


Lindsey said...

So glad the dentist went well! Aren't you so glad it's over!=)

Chelsie said...

I am glad the dentist went well. I am terrified of the dentist so I cringe whenever I hear someone else has to go.

Happy 1.5 year anniversary. Good think you posted this and reminded me that it was our 1.5 year anniversary as well ;)

Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!