Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend re-cap, Monday Goals and plans

Saturday night Jeremy and I attended the Oklahoma Humanities Awards Banquet, and got to stay to hear Dr. Mary Frances Berry lead a public forum on race and gender's roles in politics and our changing country. It was very interesting and insightful and I am glad we got to attend even though I didn't feel very well. Here's a pic it was fun getting all dressed up.

humanities awards

and I completed my first cake for class on Sunday I think it turned out Ok for my first cake I know I could do a better job getting the icing smooth but I was sick on Friday and wound up making this cake late Saturday when I finally sort of felt better and I didn't take my time. Next time I will take extra care icing the cake itself. The decorating part was suprisingly easy for me to do and I am excited to continue on in classes.

Here's the cake before icing after leveling.


and the finished product:


My weekend was quite short thanks to the time change and being sick but what can ya do?

Busy week ahead.

find a dentist to see about my front tooth (it is very sore and tender)
File all February bills and clean up filing cabinet
steam all dress clothes that have been laundered
pick up the living room and remove everything that doesn't belong in there
go to bed by ten each night, this is especially difficult after the time change.
get cakes baked for Wilton Class, Jeremy's poker night, and Relay Fundraiser at work
stick to schedule for week if not I'll never get everything done.

Weekly Schedule:

Monday Night:
Dinner at home with Jeremy and work on speech for Survivor Dinner Thursday
pick up the living room, file bills, and steam dress clothes, while dinner is cooking.
bake 1 cake

Tuesday Night:
Relay For Life Committee meeting and I need to remember to take cards and the diaper cake I made for my committee member who just had a baby
when I get home I've got at least 2 cakes to bake

Wednesday Night:
Dinner at church
finish baking if not done
make icing for boys night and fundraiser cakes and ice cakes

Thursday Night:
Survivor Dinner for Relay For Life
when I get home make fruit dip, and queso for boys poker night

Friday Night:
throw wings in oven and once finished take to boys night
make icing and ice cake for class

Saturday is the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown. R
eturn home to rest and do light housework, prepare special dinner for Jeremy

church in the AM
Wilton Class
housework and preparing for week

As you can see my week is very full and if I deviate even a little from my schedule I won't get it all done. I'll be working out on my lunch breaks as well as making any shopping trips necessary.


Chelsie said...

You look gorgeous and your cake looks like it turned out well.

You have a busy week ahead of you.

I admire your ability to plan out your week ahead. So impressive!

Do you mind me asking what type of church you attend? Thanks!

Mrs. A said...

Not at all right now we still
attend the church my father in law pastors. it's Central Southern Baptist basically Baptist without all the guidelines of Southern Baptists. For example we could dance at our wedding reception as long as the reception wasn't on church grounds.

It's still the same church we've had problems with but we finally decided we weren't going to let a few sour people run us off if we liked the over all message of the church. We're not as involved as maybe we'd like to be because I'm still a little gun shy about putting myself out there. However, we still love Sunday morning services and right now that's all we attend. My FIL is a teacher more than a preacher and often times show us the different contexts of words in Hebrew and Greek and how that changes the meaning and we love that it plays to both mine and Jeremy's tendency to want to dissect things and take them down to their very basic level.

Lindsey said...

You look gorgeous!!!!! You guys make a great couple!