Friday, March 27, 2009

Grocery Shopping Update/weekend planning

first off the grocery store was a mad house last night crazy busy. I guess everyone in our state had the exact same idea since it's supposed to monster snow here by early evening. What? Snow? at the end of March? Welcome to Oklahoma my friends!

So anyway here's the final run down of grocery items and their cost

ground turkey-2.20-I use this in place of hamburger meat it's much less greasy
bell peppers-.59 a piece I got 2
pizza dough 2.19
alfredo sauce-2.18
milk 1.64
shredded cheeses-1.98 a piece for 3 packages
frozen mixed veggies-1.88
chili powder-1.92
red pepper flakes-1.72
ground cumin-2.62 (does anyone else think this is insanely expensive)
turkey sausage-3.49
pork shoulder-5.85 This will feed us for at least 2 meals

Grand total 38.12 plus tax.

I am really proud of us!!

our weekend is shaping up to be pretty laid back since it's going to be snowing and all.

I was supposed to go out with the girls tonight but we have decided to reschedule
with the weather being so unpredictable. I am sad about this :(

Saturday I have been putting off getting some bloodwork done for a while because well I am a big baby and hate getting blood taken with a passion but it needs to be done so I'm going to try to get it done in the morning. The lab is open until 11.
After that just housework and I plan on making a cake to practice more on those silly roses that I'm still having trouble with and finishing up cleaning out our spare bedroom.

Sunday: I'm being lazy

What are your weekend plans?


Mrs. A

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