Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My wardrobe overhaul

Have you ever felt that your wardrobe didn't quite express who you were? Well I've been feeling this way for a while and I finally decided to do something about it.

So beginning next month I am going to be completely re-doing my wardrobe piece by piece starting with a little black dress I can wear for all occasions and working my way forward. I'm following Nina Garcia's book "The Little Black Book of Style" and she says to edit your wardrobe to fit who you are not the other way around. So I've been having some things tailored to fit better and throwing out things that I don't believe fit my style. The result of this is fewer choices and clothing options but the stuff that is there fits me great looks great on and reflects my style.

I'm having a little trouble deciding what my style is I'm almost 24, married, work a an 8-5 job, and love to keep an organized home. When at home I'm usually in jeans, my pink zip up fleece, or a fitted t-shirt if it's warm outside. I like to look polished but not too stuffy. I love me a great pair of heels and feel like there's no feeling in the world that can compare to when you know you're rocking an awesome pair of stilletos. I have red hair, green eyes and I'm 5'5 when not wearing 3 inch heels. I love wearing classic pieces in bright unexpected colors, or wearing a really neutral peice with bright jewelry. So the more I think about what I like to wear the more I'm getting the classic style with pops of color vibe.

However, this may be what I'd like my style to be but I don't believe that's what it actually is portraying right now. I wear a lot of drab colors that do nothing for me and love when I actually get to wear a bright color. Kelly green happens to be my favorite color to wear.

So I have been getting rid of things that don't fit in my closet and trying to really hard to part with my massive collection of t-shirts, having been a college athlete, sorority girl, and volunteer organization chair I have enough t-shirts to clothe a small country. :)

Anyway I'll be purchasing my dress in the upcoming weeks and trying to post about each purchase as I make it.

Wish me luck in this change.

Here's the first dress I know I want to try on it's from White House Black Market.


Mrs. A


Lindsey said...

This is such a good idea!! I def need to do this too, I am beginning to hate all my clothes! I need an excuse to buy new clothes so I'm trying to lose 15 to 30lbs so none of my clothes fit!

Chelsie said...

I started doing this about a year and a half ago...good thing during the majority of that time I was working at Banana Republic! It is so hard and expensive to build an adult wardrobe but it looks like you are off to a fantastic start.

P.S. Kelly green is my favorite color too!

Mrs. S. said...

That dress is adorable! I definitely love the idea of doing piece by piece. It's hard to sit down and think of what your style is. I know that I want to change my style, too, but I see things that I really like, but I want to make sure that it is going to express how I am as a person. It's tricky. I might need to try out this book that you have read...
Kelly green is one of the new awesome colors I have discovered along with turquoise. They make me super happy!