Monday, February 10, 2014

My New Pageant Sister

So  just two weeks ago I got a phone call from a woman I so admire. I'd kept in touch with her through work she teaches at night where I work. I'd always thought her a pretty cool person we'd talked a bit and some about deep issues but never super long or indepth. We'd exchanged numbers recently on account of her getting the opportunity to be a stay at home wife which is something I've always admired and respected and I thought maybe we could have lunch or something some time just to visit. I'd shared with her my journey in competing for Mrs. Oklahoma earlier last year and then Carys's health issues began and I kind of stopped talking about the pageant, however there wasn't one time that I saw Brittany that she didn't ask about how Carys was doing.

So anyway, I decided to give her a text message of encouragement on the day I knew she was to begin staying home full time. I was trying to get Carys buckled into her carseat and Brittany called. I was unable to answer right then so I texted her and said I'll Call You Back. So I called her finally about 10 or so minutes later and she shared with me that she had been invited to compete in Mrs. Oklahoma as well. I immediately said "oh my goodness you should do it, we'd have so much fun!!" I could sense her hesitation still thinking maybe she was upsetting me so I reassured her no I was not upset in fact I was thrilled at the prospect of having someone close to experience Mrs. OK with. We shared our hearts and intentions that day on the phone and we hung up with her still undecided but agreeing to at least seriously consider it. I let a day go by and I texted her asking her if she'd decided she'd made herself a promise that if she found a swimsuit she liked and would feel comfortable in she would compete. I told her good luck and that I was pulling for her to find something fabulous! Finally after a few days of hunting and her finally finding something in her size she texted me and told me she had committed. I was so excited.

We met for lunch last week well I guess you could say lunch we met at 1 and at 4 after her husband had called a 2nd time we finally parted ways. We shared our hearts truly with each other, each expressing the desire to have a deeper than surface friendship. I found myself listening to this woman who has incredible strength tell me her life's testimony, and realizing she would make a fanstastic Mrs. Oklahoma, but I'm not intimidated by that I'm sure I'll feel that way about every girl competing, I know in my heart whoever God has in mind will wear the crown I do think I'm prepared for the title but only if it's the Lord's Will. I'm going to give it my best, and be true to myself.  I'm so beyond excited to share this experience with Brittany. I am picturing one heck of an awesome girl's weekend.

 I am already thankful for my Mrs. Oklahoma experience because I've gained an amazing friendship. If nothing else comes of my competing I will still consider the experience a complete success.

With A Smile,


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Melanie said...

How awesome! Can't wait to hear more about the pageant!