Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Are You Worth?!

If you truly had to answer that question how would you? Do you find your worth in your education, your dress size, your children's accomplishments, your own accomplishments, your beauty or what you perceive as lack of, do you base it on your spiritual relationship, or your actual relationships?

There are so many ways the world tries to measure a woman's worth and none of them matter it only matters what is in your heart to share with the world. I had a conversation with a friend recently and we talked about insecurities and how we each thought the other shouldn't have them. It was an enlightening discussion for me, this woman that I think is so beautiful has insecurities about her appearance, and much more. She struggles with insecurity just like I do. I realized that one of our biggest problems in society as a whole is we don't often know our own worth. We are so consumed with our own insecurities that we often forget others have the same struggles. Whenever I find myself in this place I do my best to encourage others and it seems to help. I've written before when I struggle with my own insecurities it helps me to lift others. I often try to remind myself it's not about if I'm better than another individual but whether I'm the best version of me. I can't compare myself to others, and I can't worry about others opinions if I'm being true to myself then I'm being authentically me and that's the best thing anyone can be.

With that said I'm officially announcing for all the world to see that I'll be competing in Mrs. Oklahoma America on March 22, 2014. Pageants are a part of my past and I made some amazing friends looking at you Sasha T, Allison G, and others. I worried when I first decided to compete that others would think I was silly or that it was a dumb idea, or that they would be wondering what business I had competing in a pageant, but then I stopped and realized why should I care. My family supports me and everyone I've told so far has been so excited for me. I actually decided this last year in September but then our journey with Carys's health began in October and as a mom my first and foremost allegiance is to my child. I would never in a million years think of competing if she wasn't healthy, but she is and as my husband and I discussed I have earned this. I'm excited for a weekend that will certainly be full of memories. I hope to come away from Mrs. Oklahoma with rare and precious memorable moments, an experience of a lifetime, and hopefully some new friends, and a renewed confidence in who I am as a woman, that may mean a crown and it may not but pageants are not all about winning for me, they're about setting goals and striving to be the very best me I can be. My mom was always a big supporter of my pageant journeys and I'm dedicating my Mrs. Oklahoma competition to her memory.

Anyone who spends more than about an hour with me and gets me talking will soon find me on my soap box of families needing guidelines and rules when it comes to technology. I see it everyday where I work, and I'm even guilty of it too, we spend so much time on our technology we forget about those around us. I'm not advocating that smart phones, or tablets are bad just that we should set some rules with regard to them and not forget to hold those closest to us in higher regard than our devices. We are pioneers of this "at hand" technology and we must learn to harness it's power for good before it swallows our families whole. When I was talking about this with a friend the subject of Mrs. Oklahoma came up and I thought well maybe and then I thought no not me, and then I paused and said you know what, why not me? Why can't I be Oklahoma's voice to set guidelines on their tech usage to encourage families to "disconnect to reconnect" I think it's so important that we make time to truly communicate with those we love most not just nod in agreement while looking at our phones or tablets. That lead me to enter and become Mrs. Canadian County and that led me here to telling the world that the competition is 51 days away. The gown has been purchased, the swimsuit and the interview dress too. The wardrobe is complete now it's just staying healthy, and getting myself to the best version of me before competition weekend. I ask for prayers as I step out on shaky heels to take on this challenge. I'm so excited about what God has taught me about myself through this journey. So there it is my big pageant announcement. The competition is in Guthrie and tickets are on sale already on the website . I must warn you tickets are expensive but they help offset the cost of the show. Hope to see some of your smiling faces in the audience. If you do purchase a ticket please do it in my support.

With Love,

Mrs. A


Mr. A said...

Proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Proud of BOTH of you!! Mrs. A, you are lovely inside and out!

Melanie said...

How exciting!! I love how passionate you are about your thoughts on 'disconnect to reconnect' and its true..we need to disconnect from the media moreso and spend our precious time with our families..thats what matters most!!! So wishing I lived closer..I'd love to see you compete! Please, keep us posted on here..I'll be rooting for you here in WV!!

LeAnna said...

This is so cool! Excited to see what God has in store for you through this!