Saturday, January 11, 2014

Prayer is Powerful

I've been pretty open in sharing Carys's journey and allowing people to pray for us. When the news came of her MRI schedule date I immediately began praying and talking about her getting the MRI quicker since we put her on the cancellation call list. I posted on my FB page and I posted here about the dreaded wait and how I knew it would be difficult but with prayer we would get through it.

I didn't have to wait long for God to move. Thursday afternoon I got a call from an unknown number I almost didn't answer but I'm so glad I did. It was the hospital calling to say they had a cancellation the next day at 1PM and would we like to take that appt. Without hesitation I jumped at the chance to have the MRI done sooner. I am so thankful for the power of prayer.

Friday morning we woke Carys up at 4:30AM to eat some toast and drink some milk because she couldn't have anything to eat after 5AM. She ate her breakfast and went right back to sleep until around 8:30 AM. She was amazing and only had a minor melt down about 2 hours before the scheduled appt. over food. We were scheduled at 1PM but Carys didn't actually get sedated until close to 3PM she however didn't seem to notice the wait we watched "mickey mouse clubhouse" and played with toys in the prep area.

I got to be with her while the administered the "silly gas" to put her to sleep it didn't take long she had about two big gulps and was out. The MRI took about an hour and she recovered for about 45 minutes so we were there until around 5PM. When I went to see her after the scan she was happily sipping apple juice and chatting with the nurses, who at this point had all fallen in love with her. Carys was a little out of it and slightly loopy most of the evening and I would say the hardest part of our day was the car ride home. Poor girl just wanted to eat!

 By the time we got home and finally got her something to eat it had been over 12 hours since her last meal. Carys amazed me with her strength.

We were told we should get results within the next week and hopefully then we can continue to move forward and get definitive answers.

Until Next Time...

Mrs. A

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Melanie said...

So thankful you got a cancellation and got her in much sooner!!! Prayers for strength for the next week!!