Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Test Of Faith Part two..

So here we are again. For those of you who've been around for awhile. You might remember this post where I shared the scary journey of finding a lump on my infant daughter's left side. We went through scary scenarios and did an ultra sound and eventually a sedated CT Scan on her tiny little body only to be told a few weeks later. It's nothing don't worry about it she will surely outgrow this lump and it is not harmful to her. The doctor's exact words were "don't worry unless it starts growing"...

So we came out of that scary moment in time with a renewed appreciation for the precious redheaded fireball of a gift that we'd been given. We've strived from the moment we were given the all clear to enjoy her fully even in her frustrating moments. Well fast forward to this summer and every time I would bathe Carys I would feel as if the lump was enlarging, but I ignored it as momma paranoia until finally I decided in October she needed to be seen by her doctor and we needed to talk about this lump.

In October we saw Dr. Bowen our pediatrician and she agreed that it had grown and changed consistency. The lump was no longer a hard knot under the skin's surface it was now a sponge like texture and had grown to about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Dr. Bowen referred us to a dermatologist and we saw the PA at his practice on 11/20. The PA said he'd never seen anything like what Carys had before and he wanted to confer with the primary doctor in the office. The PA took photos of Carys's side and did measurements on her and on 11/20 the lump measured in at 4 1/2 inches in diameter. In the course of a month and a half the lump had grown 2 inches. This concerned the main doctor so he recommended we do what's called a punch biopsy, basically they punch into her skin, pull a sample out for testing and close her up with a few stitches. So that was scheduled for 12/20. We were given a topical anesthetic to put on her side, and told they do the procedure in office I worried about keeping my 2.5 year old still while they cut into her, but I shouldn't have. We took one of her favorite movies on the Ipad and she didn't shed a single tear she was truly a rockstar and showed me just how tough she is.

So with the biopsy done we enjoyed our Christmas festivities. We built Carys her very own play kitchen and her grandparents supplied it with food, cooking utensils, and her very own tea set.
We were really proud of the fact that we built Carys's gift, (we used Ana White's plans from her book "Handbuilt Home")
Christmas came and went and I never felt like I got in to the spirit of the season. I more felt like I just went through the motions the burden of the biopsy results rested heavily on me and I tried to keep it that way I didn't want it to ruin anyone else's Christmas. Please don't get me wrong my Christmas was lovely I just didn't feel the spirit quite as much as I normally do.

Fast forward to 12/30 we eagerly got Carys ready to remove her stitches believing we would get the biopsy results then and we would know exactly what we were dealing with and how best to attend to it, whether that be surgery to remove it, or something else. Unfortunately we didn't get biopsy results that day because of the Holidays the lab was backed up and the doctor hadn't received results. With a promise of a phone call on Friday Carys and I left the doctor's office a little deflated but confident of clear results on Friday. I waited all day Friday for a phone call and finally at 3:15 it came in. The biopsy results were inconclusive, the mass extends past the skin surface, and an MRI will be needed to measure the girth of the mass and then based on those results there will possibly be a 2nd more extensive surgical biopsy in her future. To say that I am discouraged is a huge understatement. I feel like we're right back where we were 3 years ago. No answers more tests of both the medical and spiritual kind. I am tasked Monday with getting the MRI scheduled at Children's Hospital and she will have to be sedated for that test again because no one could expect a near 3 year old to hold still for 20-30 minutes heck I'm not sure I could hold still for that long. So needless to say 2014 has had a rather frustrating start. I'm praying hard that the rest of the year is much better.

Until Next Time,

Mrs. A

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