Friday, August 13, 2010

The Details

First off thank you so much for all the well wishes and congratulations you lovely ladies are the best :) Mr. A and I are overwhelmed by the love we've received since revealing our news!

So here's the details:

First were we trying?
yes and no
We had given everything over to God and were just waiting on his timing.

When we found out July 10th at 7:00AM
I was late but not super late so I wasn't planning on testing until the following Tuesday which would've made me a week late but I was certain that my dear friend was just late in showing her ugly face and that she'd appear before I tested. But Friday night or should I say Saturday morning I had a very vivid dream in which we had a positive pregnancy test I woke up lay in bed for a good hour and then decided I had to know. Luckily I didn't have to go out and buy a pregnancy test because remember when I announced my Bestie was expecting well she had some left over unused pregnancy tests she had given me saying you never know. So I got up took the test set it down on the counter with the little hour glass ticking away, decided to brush my teeth and wash my face finished washing my face looked down on the counter and there it was PREGNANT plain as day there was no not in front of that word. Thinking my eyes had deceived me I picked it up to look closer then proceeded to freak out drop the test on the counter and run downstairs to get my trusty laptop and google "false positives".

How I told Mr. A:
I always thought I would be one of those women who planned some cute creative way to tell my hubs we was going to be a daddy. Umm nope not so much after deciding a false positive was unlikley I ran back upstairs mind you my hubs has been sleeping this whole time since it is 7:00 AM on a Saturday. So I grabbed the test off of the sink counter and ran into our bedroom flipped on the light screaming wake up wake up!! Mr. A begrudgingly agreed. Now let me back up for a minute on Thursday night of this week I had told him I was late and that I might be pregnant but that it was unlikely and more possible that my cycle was just off this month. Mr. A's response that night was well babe that's potentially really exciting :) Aww I love my hubs. So back to the moment I kept repeating wake up and I had to know over and over again of course poor Mr. A in his sleep induced state had no idea what I was talking about. Poor guy so I showed him the test he read it and said and I quote "well that's exciting, can you turn the light off" I of course way too excited, freaked out etc to sleep wanted to talk so I babbled away while Mr. A mumbled responses back. It was so umm us. I had to go teach cake classes on Saturday after finding out and had a baby shower to attend so there was no time for us to celebrate right then. BTW attending a baby shower only hours after finding out you are pregnant is a very surreal experience. When I got home around 5 on Saturday Mr. A had showered and dressed really nice and took me out to dinner at our place to celebrate. He then babbled on and on about how excited he was and my heart just melted.

How we told the grandparents to be:
Well we waited til after my confirmation bloodwork came back before we spilled the beans but poor Mr. A I think would've exploded if he'd had to wait any longer to tell his parents that they were going to be grandparents so we told them at 7 weeks. So we went out to Babies R Us which has become one of my newest favorite shopping hang outs and picked out two bibs one for my mom that said "If Mommy Says No  Ask Grandma" and one for Mr. A's dad that read "I Love My Grandpa" 

So one evening we met my mom at her place had dinner and told her we had a gift for her for completing chemo and because we were so excited she's feeling good :) she opened it said "oh that's cute" and put it away. Mr. A just looked at me and said "she doesn't get it does she" at which point the light bulb moment occurred and she then proceeded to scream cry and hug me and Mr. A.

The next evening we had invited Mr. A's parents out to dinner under the guise of a belated "Father's Day" celebration because we had to put our original plans on hold when Mr. A and his parents made the sudden trip to Florida for Mr. A's Grandmother's funeral. So they stopped by our house first and we had wrapped up the grandpa bib as my Father in Law's Father's Day day present. So we had him open it before we left our house for dinner there was a few gasps a few squeals and even some tears from Mr. A's dad which I totally did not expect.

How we told our friends:
a few weekends after we had told the grandparents our group of friends was getting together for a movie night and we were signed up to bring cookies so I made a plate of baby onesie and baby carriage cookies on which I piped "OASIS MAKES THE CUTEST BABIES" because our group seriously has I think 6 pregnant women right now. So I put all of the Oasis baby due dates on a onesie and slipped mine it at the end. It was absolutely hilarious watching the women in our group go through the due dates going ok this is is so and so, this is that person, and then the gasp when they got to my due date as they figured out there was a newbie in the group who had yet to reveal themselves haha so one of the ladies yelled out across the entire lawn "OK who needs to come clean that they're expecting" It was hilarious fun to watch people guess and wonder who it was and finally I walked up to her as she was talking and took the cookie out of her hand only then did they realize it was me it was so much fun :) I do have pictures but not with me so I'll add pictures later.

Our first appointment was August 02nd and we got to see our little lucky charm (nickname explained in a moment) for the first time I held my breath as the screen popped up and there he or she was it was a magical moment only to be topped a few minutes later by seeing that little flicker of a heart beat I'm pretty sure both Mr. A and teared up at that. Doc says at our next appointment we should be able to hear a heart beat and boy I can't wait for that!!

Nickname Explained:
at my confirmation appointment in which the pregnancy was confirmed by blood test and they did my family medical history and all. My doc was giving us our estimated due date which is March 16th and she said "oh we have a little St. Paddy's Day lucky charm on our hands" I went home and told Mr. A that doc called baby our lucky charm and he loved it so it stuck so Little Lucky Charm is what we call our little one when we're talking to each other and I love that we came up with something special.

Are we finding out the sex:
Yes we are and it's actually really cool the week we should be able to find out what we're having will be the week of our 3rd wedding anniversary :)

do we have names:
yes but we won't be discussing them til after baby gets here we actually have both a boy and a girl name picked out.

What are we hoping for?
well more than anything we just want a healthy little baby and the gender doesn't matter but if I had to choose I would say girl and if Mr. A had to choose he would say boy :) so one of us will be thrilled come October.

Holy long blog post batman!! If you're still reading you rock :)

I do have some "Hidden Mommy Chronicles" that are all saved in draft form from the last few weeks I think there's ten total most of it is just my thoughts or things going on with my pregnancy that I wanted to remember. I don't necessarily have to post them but if it's something anyone would be interested in I can.

Big shout out to 5th Belle Avenue for this post on this incredible book that I bought two days after finding out I was pregnant it is a huge blessing :)
Well I guess that's all for now.

Later Alligators.........

Mrs. A


Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I love how you told your friends - so fun! We weren't creative we anyone, we just called everyone up and spilled the beans. My family tends to be very enthusiastic though, so it was fun to hear all the happy screams! :-)

Brittney Galloway said...

I love your reveals! And your husband's initial response sounds like something my husband would do, ha!

Michel-lee said...

What a great story! How happy you guys must be.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Oh I love it! I would love to do something creative for my husband but he wants to know IMMEDIATELY, no playing around just tell him.. hah! He's so excited at the thought, I think he's terrified that I'll find out I'm pregnant and wait to tell him like everyone else, as if!!!

For my parents, we'll do something clever, though I haven't decided yet... My siblings though, I intend to give them each a diaper and say something like, there are many of these coming up in your!

We really want to tell Hubs family in person, so we will probably wait on that announcement until I'm further along as we only see them a few times a year.

I would love to read your hidden baby/mommy chronicles if you want to share!

So happy for you guys, I even teared up a little reading your post! I think the Lucky Charm nickname is perfect!

Lindsey said...

So fun! Great story!

5th Belle Avenue said...

OH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited to follow along on your journey to meeting your sweet little blessing!

Leah said...

So happy to go through the details! Very excited for you two and your little lucky charm!

Risley said...

cute post!! I love hearing all the details :)