Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 So I haven't yet posted pictures of my clean fall dressed home for you all to enjoy because....I'm a failure. Although the house is cleaner than it was we're not finished :( and the fall decor although we got the boxes down has yet to be put out, but we did make progress and we are getting there so hopefully by Friday I'll have lovely pictures to post.

 I'm trying not to beat myself up over this but it's hard I'm sure there will come times in the next year in which my house will again be a disaster and I've got to work through feeling inadequate. I've learned through the Bible study we're doing with our small group that keeping a clean home is something that I equate with self worth and if I feel that my house is out of order then therefore follows my life. But you know what my house didn't get spic and span completely this weekend because I chose to spend some of the time I could've been cleaning getting together with family and sweet friends and cultivating and growing those relationships which is by far more important than having a spotlessly clean home. I must remember that my worth is found in my relationship with Jesus not in how clean and organized my house is. So I'll get there it just takes me a little longer than I'm used to.

In other news we've scheduled our big gender reveal ultra-sound for the date of our third wedding anniversary 10/20/2010 @ 2:20 in the afternoon and I am so beyond excited. My lovely blogger friends will have to wait along with everyone else though because we're not revealing to family until that Friday evening and everyone else after that so I promise I'll be a weekend blogger just this once for you guys.

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A


Lindsay said...

A very good reminder about where our self-worth and self-fulfilment should come from!
How cool you are finding out the baby's gender on your anniversary! :)

Michel-lee said...

Don't beat yourself up about the decorating. I took my containers out last weekend and still haven't finished placing items throughout the house. In due time it'll get done.
How wonderful it is to find out the gender on your anniversary. That's a story that you can tell him/her when they get older :o)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Ummm, my decorations have been all pulled out for more than a week but I haven't been able to put them up because the cleaning STILL isn't done. I was 95% of the way there and then didn't get a chance to finish and now I"m back to square 1 again. Ugh! I can't wait to hear what you guys are having! AHHHHHH, I will be sitting by my computer waiting for you make the announcement!