Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you like me you really like me!!

Over the weekend I was given not one but two fabulous blog awards!! I love these they brighten my day.

Both Lauren over at The Lucky Laymans & Katie at Katie's Journey Tagged me with the Happy 101 Award! I love both of these blogs Katie has such a great story to tell and she's finishing up her education, and Lauren and I are in such similar places in life that I really feel like I can relate to her. I often wish I could meet my wonderful bloggie friends in person because they're so fabulous. I'd have so many best friends I wouldn't know what to do with myself :)

Katie also tagged me for a second award.

So the rules for the first award are list ten things that make you happy!

1. Mr. A

2. house hunting!!

3. my furbaby Missy

4. Chinese takeout and a Netflix movie with the hubs instead of going out

5. Sunday mornings

6. girls night :)

7. Sunday lunch Crew AKA potluck dinners with all of our friends in lieu of going out and spending money

8. coaching cheerleading :)

9. comments on my blog

10. decorating a pretty cake

The second award I'm supposed to tell you 7 facts about myself

1. I'm left handed I was ambidextrous until first grade when my teacher made me choose a hand

2. I can't function in the morning without my first cup of coffee

3. I have insomniac tendencies and if my life is chaotic you can bet I'm not sleeping well

4. Mr. A proposed to me during "The Game Of Life" and we even had fun with our engagement session incorporating the game

5. We took ballroom dancing lessons before our wedding because we didn't want to look like 7th graders on the dance floor

6. Michael Buble's song "Everything" is our wedding song and when we went to his concert in March of 2008 the Mr. and I danced to our song in the aisle.

7. my wedding shoes were my something blue :)

I'm copping out on tagging 17 other bloggers 10 for one and 7 for the other instead I'm passing these awards on to anyone reading. so if you're reading consider yourself tagged :)

Be back with more tomorrow today I'm fighting allergies and trying desperately not to lose my voice. :(

Later Alligators.....

Mrs. A


Lauren said...

Boo...don't lose your voice! I just hate that! I too wish we could meet in person! Guess that's why God gave us bloggy land instead!

Ria Thurston said...

Fun! I got those awards too :) How great! I saw you love comments..! I do too :)

KJ said...

Yay for your awards! How cool would it have been if you could have been ambidextrous forever!?!?! Haha- oh 1st grade teacher what were you thinking? :) EW for allergies.

Iva said...

Congratulations!!! totally very well deserved!! ;)

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Congrats on your awards! I love your list especially this potluck idea!

Leesie said...

Congrats on the awards! You deserve it I love reading your blog. Nice getting to know you a little more.

Mrs. S. said...

How fun! I love the proposal and I bet that your photos were great!

CJ said...

Congratulations on the double award! Hope you recover fast from the allergies.

Its so cool to be ambidextrous.

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Congrats on the awards!!! :)

M said...

Sunday mornings really are the best~