Monday, February 27, 2012

Carys K. you are 1

My Darling Carys,

Saturday you turned 1 and mommy can't believe how quickly time flew. I truly feel as though I blinked and you were 1. You are such a busy bee little girl you are constantly on the move and you've started walking in the last few months and you are getting more confident every day, I am certain by the end of this month you will be a pro! You weighed in at the doctor's office today at just under 20 pounds and your 28 inches tall you're in the 25h percentile for both height and weight and Dr. Bowen your pediatrician was quite pleased with your development. Your hair is still fire red and getting quite long, and your are eyes still just as blue as can be.

A typical schedule for you looks like this:

Wake up 7AM-Eat breakfast which is either oatmeal and a mashed up banana, or pancakes cut into bites with some apples and cinnamon and a sippy with milk
then you play with mommy until time to leave for daycare

we  get to daycare at 7:45 and you spend your day playing with Miss Eva while there you eat a morning snack when you get there usually just some fruit or maybe some puffs, then you eat lunch at 11  and you eat whatever is being served that day, you are eating straight table food these days and you really enjoy your food you usually have milk with lunch too. you usually nap from 12PM-2PM
Mommy picks you up from daycare at 5:30 right after afternoon snack which is usually some yogurt, and we head home to play and hang out til daddy gets home at 6:00 then we play with daddy for 1/2 an hour and it's time to eat dinner you eat whatever the family is having for dinner and then it's bath time you absolutely love bath time and always get mad when it's time to get out but mommy can calm you down pretty fast with the excitement of tooth  brushing which you love as long as you get to hold mommy's toothbrush while she brushes yours with your toothbrush then you get to brush mommy's teeth or at least pretend to, then it's story time with daddy while you drink your milk and then it's night night by 7. You are sleeping like a little champ only waking up on off nights IE when you have teething pain or when you don't feel good.

You are such a little social butterfly and neither mommy or daddy have yet to see major bouts of separation anxiety from  you, we aren't sure whether to count our blessings or brace ourselves cause it's coming. You love having your picture taken and you always have to see the photo you point and say see. You had your first overnight stay with your grandparents recently and you did great mommy and daddy were so proud.

You have a few words in your vocabulary and we know you understand more than you say. You can say mama, dada, baba, up, see, bite, and nite nite, and you understand no no, dog, and go.

 Your favorite toys are stacking toys that you precariously stack together and then knock over with the silliest little grin and gleeful squeal. You are such a happy baby and everyone who meets you falls in love with your infectious giggle. Your favorite past time is feeding the doggy you giggle hysterically when you toss food on the floor and Missy gobbles it up, this does not thrill mommy or daddy but you are so gosh darn cute you usually get away with it.

Mommy got a little teary eyed today when I read an e-mail from a website I joined when I was pregnant with you that used to say "Your Baby This Week" it now reads "Your Toddler This Week" this made mommy sad to think you are growing up so fast, but happy at the same time you are turning into such a little lady. Mommy's favorite time with you is in the mornings when I've just woken you up we sit together in your room and you become such a little cuddle bug especially if it's a chilly morning. Mommy cherishes that time baby girl please don't give it up too quickly.

Mommy and Daddy love you more than we ever could have imagined and you are such a joy in our lives we count ourselves blessed many times each day when we see your sweet smile. I hope you are always as infectiously happy as you are at this age!


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Melanie said...

Aww..happy birthday sweet little Carys!!! I just adore her red hair..I'd be brushing it all the time!! So hard to believe she's a year old already..they grow so fast!!! Love the pictures you shared!