Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Miss!!

Hi friends,
Well the party has come and gone and our little sunshine had a blast at her party. Mr. A and I worked tirelessly creating all the little details of the party and I’m so happy with the way everything turned out.
I can’t believe it was a year ago that my little princess was born I literally feel like I just brought her home from the hospital.
We created a sweet “You Are My Sunshine” themed party and utilized the colors hot pink, yellow, and orange, no gray skies at this party ;). We had cupcakes in three different flavors, French vanilla, Swiss chocolate, and orange dreamsicle, Carys’s smash cake was make to look like a sun and we had a fruit tray and veggie tray to round out the food layout. We had such a special day celebrating Carys and the amazing blessing she has been in our lives.

Ok I’ll quit writing and let the pictures do the talking!


Lauren said...

what a cute them for a party! love it! I can't believe precious Carys is already a year old!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, it looks like a fun party! I love her little tutu!