Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Meditations The Mission Field of Motherhood

My baby turned 1 last week officially entering the world of toddlerhood AKA the trying years and I have been busily running after her distracting her playing with her and in general enjoying her. But yesterday I was brought to my knees my sweet child bit and drew blood I was so stunned I yelled in pain and tapped her on the cheek to which she wailed! I immediately crumbled thinking myself a horrible parent and the thought has remained with me through today. I have felt myself unprepared for the years ahead and I find myself terrified of what's to come. I confessed this to my mom mentor that I feel completely unprepared to lead my child through the coming years and she reminded me that not only am I to lead I am to train, explain, and show her Jesus through my actions.

We've been speaking a lot about being burdened to save the lost souls of the world in our Sunday school class at church and I can honestly say sharing the gospel is a burden I feel for me God took this lesson in a completely different direction than I think it was presented and made me realize that my mission field is my home and my daughter is the lost soul I am trying to save. As much as I shutter to think of a future in which Carys doesn't choose Jesus if I don't live my life as an example that could someday be my reality. She is always watching me and learning even when I'm not speaking and I am terrified of that. I am crawling in the arms of Jesus and asking him to Lead me so I can lead her.

 I've never really thought of my home as my mission field before today but it is and I must make the best of every opportunity presented. I am reminded of the song lyrics we chose to put above Carys's crib "The Words I Would Say"  by the Sidewalk Prophets. The quotes we put above her bed are "Be strong in the Lord and Never Give Up Hope, you're gonna do great things I already know" but the lyrics I am reminded of now are "I know cause I've already been there so please here these simple truths" The reality is that the truth of Jesus and His saving grace is simple but teaching it to a child that seems like a mountainous task and one I am now responsible for completing. My only hope is to draw closer to Him and rest in His strength while teaching my children to do the same.

What about you have you thought of your home as a mission field before? and if so what are you doing to win the battle for Christ? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Later Alligators....
Mrs. A


Melanie said... have definately opened my eyes to what a 'mission field' can be described as! I never thought of it as my home..but you are so right..our mission DOES start at home with our children. Its our responsibility to lead them and guide them because the world sure isnt going to do it for them. But my friend, we have God's help with this!! I'm so thankful to have such a mighty God to turn to when life gets rough, and to help me in all situations. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

This is such a good point, and the best perspective as we tell our children about Christ! Thanks for the reminder.