Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dealing with two's

I knew this day would come... I thought about it feared it a little and even entertained the idea that maybe it wouldn't happen to my child! HAHA well that was a laugh. The day has arrived and she's not even officially two yet not until next month but she acts like, throws tantrums like, has 'tude like a 2 year old!!

Oh my goodness our week started out with Carys coloring on the couch while mom went to the bathroom, then later in the day she decided to finger paint....with toothpaste. The next day wasn't much better she's discovered mommy's make up and likes to "play pretty" with mommy's not so cheap make up. I've learned that if it's quiet she's probably into something she's not supposed to be.

Admittedly today was a much better day I figured we needed a day out to play so we met some friends at the Science Museum where she got to experiment to her little heart's content. She really is a good kid she's just a typical two year old.

I always feel like I'm constantly learning about my daughter. The day I think I have her all figured out and I have her routine down to a science she decides to shake things up! Ahh such is the life of a toddler momma!

Later Alligators...
Mrs. A

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Melanie said...

I know what you mean..just when you think you got them all figured out they throw you a curveball!!! Sounds like she's at a fun and 'creative' stage though! LOL!