Monday, April 21, 2014

Life in 2014

So I blogged about the pageant but not much about normal everyday life stuff. You know the stuff that makes up this crazy beautiful life I lead.
January passed without too much fanfare and even fewer pictures.
We spent alot of time painting pictures.

I embraced my inner teacher a little bit and created a learning wall for Carys it has the days of the week, the seasons, the month, the weather, and we write down our daily menu as well, there's also a spot to display Carys's artwork, and we incorporated a behavior chart into our routines with Carys.
February 2014 brought Valentine's Day, and Carys's 3rd Birthday which we held at Build A Bear with a few of her special friends that she spends regular time with.
She was looking extra adorable for Valentine's Day!
We started the day getting donuts with the birthday girl!
all the kids with their Build A Bear creations. Best picture we could get of pre-schoolers.

 ended the day with dinner with sweet friends!

March 2014 not only brought my Mrs. Oklahoma pageant, but also a baby shower for my dear friend Nikki. Nikki was planning a circus themed nursery so I took that idea and ran with it, I used popcorn boxes with hydrangeas for the centerpieces, and set up a popcorn bar with 3 different types of popcorn, and 11 different topping options, each guest took home their own popcorn bucket filled with popcorn of choice. The challenge in this shower is that Nikki and her hubs had decided not to find out the gender of the baby so I had to keep everything gender neutral I went with a red, aqua, and yellow color scheme. It was a great day loving on my dear friend!
The popcorn bar with all the toppings.

Mommy to be in her special chair!

Me and the gorgeous Nikki B. this was one week after the pageant so if I look exhausted it's because I was :)

 wide angle shot of the room.
That brings us to April and I did a lot of crafty things this month and I also re-discovered my love of pretty flowers.
I made this little beauty in MOPS which has basically been the best thing ever to happen in my life. Finding a group of strong Christian moms to build me up and surround myself with has been such a blessing!

new flowers around our tree in our front yard.

 a brand new flower bed next to our retaining wall.

I got these chairs at goodwill for 50 cents a piece and gave them a little coat of spray paint. They cheered up our entryway nicely :)

That brings us to Easter which will deserve it's own post. I think sometimes I get so focused on the big events I can forget the little everyday things that make up our life. I want to remember the everyday and the mundane and someday be able to look back and know that the little things truly were the big things.
I'm so thankful and beyond blessed for the beautiful life I've been gifted with.
Another post is coming on Easter 2014 :)
-Until Next Time,

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