Tuesday, September 9, 2008


fair warning this post is full of random thoughts and musings from my head.

1. I am both excited about and dreading this weekend I am going to Dallas for Summit and although it's exciting at the same time i'm really nervous it will not be a good trip.

2. Church still isn't what I hoped it would be and I feel stuck there.

3. we are so close to paying off my stupid car that I can taste it.

4. I hate living in an apartment

5. I'm so ready to be a homeowner but this process is really long

6. I love the fall and it is nearly here

7. Christmas shopping has begun and I'm excited to report I have 6 gifts bought already

8. I am so ready for a true vacation it's just not even funny.

Anyway I told you complete randomness and no sense but these are all the thoughts floating around in my head.

more Later.......

Mrs. A

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