Monday, September 29, 2008

it's time for some editing

I've recently read a book about creating a wardrobe all my own because I've recently decided that I am tired of looking like I just graduated high school all the time.
In this great book the first thing talked about is editing your wardrobe and throwing out things that are not uniquely you, or that you won't alter to make uniquely you. This got me thinking if I need to do this with my wardrobe, how much more so do I need to do this with my life. I need to edit out the negativity in my life.
I absolutely do not like the person this job has made me become, therefore the job must go. I am currently searching for a new job and have some promising leads and I cannot wait to turn in my two week notice here. The negativity, the talking behind people's backs the making up of stories, it's all just way too much for me to deal with. Life edit #1: get a new job that I can actually enjoy,our church home just isn't really a home and hasn't been for a while we just don't belong Life edit #2: find a new church, I've become a very negative person feeling like I'm stuck in a hole when really all I need to do is climb out Life edit #3 stop the negativity, in my long hours at work I haven't had time to eat much less pray regularly and spend time with God life edit #4 make time to spend with God (this includes finding a job with better hours 8-5 would be wonderful). I've spent so much time dwelling on the negative things I forget I have a lot to be thankful for and I should spend time doing things that make me happy life edit #5 spend time doing things that make me smile. as I stated above my wardrobe is complacent and I have begun to really not care what I look like life edit #6 take care in picking out clothing and doing hair and make up do the little things to pamper myself. I have not given my husband enough attention other than to cry on his shoulder because I hate where my life is right now life edit #7 lavish my husband with positive attention and affection. I feel complacent in life and want to continually move forward life edit #8 take action, I have forgotten how to smile and I hate that life edit #9 SMILE ALWAYS. finally I have neglected my home keeping responsibilities choosing to pity myself that I have no time to myself life edit #10 do not shirk home care responsibilities.

Some changes are coming be on the look out the blog will change appearances as I edit my life.

More later....
Mrs. A

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