Monday, September 8, 2008

sucky schedule, grocery shopping, and celebrating 20 years

Well this weekend was a bit of a blur because I worked then Jeremy and I grocery shopped for 2 hours. That's right 2 hours it was horrifyingly busy, and of course OCD me I had to calculate everything. I started by writing down all of our meals for the rest of the month of September and then calculating all of the ingredients, then calculating our budget. Then we hit the grocery store he thinks I'm the biggest nerd ever because I take my notebook and calculator to the grocery store so I can stay on budget. Yes I know I am a big nerd but hey I didn't go over budget so call me a nerd if you want.
Sunday was Jeremy's parents 20th anniversary at church and we had dinner after service and watched a touching video that Jeremy and I were conveniently left out of. Oh well it's not our church it's theirs. We are looking for a new one.
After church we spent the day visiting with Jeremy's Aunt and Uncle from Texas it was a very nice afternoon and we enjoyed just visiting with them.

Now the work week has begun and it's a crazy week with a crappy schedule I hope I get through it with at least 80% of my sanity intact.

More Later......

Mrs. A

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