Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and then there were 2..... and a whole lot of randomness

Well after touring houses and seeing 12 in the area we know we want to be in and in our price range, we've narrowed it down to a very promising two houses both of which we really like. We're going to tour both again on Saturday and hopefully make our decisions from there. It's both exciting and nerve wracking that we're literally days away from putting in an offer on our very first home. Everyone we've talked to said we'd just know when a home was meant for us and we're hoping after the second tour of each we'll be certain. If and when our offer gets accepted then I will show you pictures of the one we wind up choosing but not until as I don't want to get attached to a house til I know it can be ours which is easier said than done.

In other news I'm stopping by the post office today to pick up packing supplies for my Swap partners fun gifts. I had a blast shopping for her on Saturday afternoon even if I did have to slide in and out of parking lots due to ice but hey we survived the storm with power because lucky for us what was supposed to be ice falling turned into mainly snow. We're possibly going to get hit by another winter storm this weekend so much so that I was yelling at the weatherman on TV this morning. Dear old man winter don't you understand Mr. A and I are trying to purchase a house and you're making it rather difficult! Knock it off already!!

It's been awhile since I've given an update on my mom and that's because we've kind of been in a holding pattern as to what the next step is going to be. She's now finished six rounds of aggressive chemo and had tests run to see if she was eligible to do the bone marrow transplant I've talked about before. Unfortunately her scan results revealed a blood clot in her lung that the doctor wanted to take care of before they go ahead with the transplant. Well that's all well and good except the treatment for shrinking the clot is pricey I mean really pricey. So right now we're waiting to see if they can come up with a less expensive treatment to shrink the bloodclot. That's all I know at this point and as soon as I know more I'll update again. This has become a very frustrating game of hurry up and wait :(

I've received a bloggie award recently from the lovely Mrs.LifeAccounts and I'm hoping to post about that this evening along with some new cake pictures.

oh and just so this post isn't completely devoid of pictures here's a pic of me and one of the other cheer coaches after my squad's first game. It's not the best picture of me and pay no attention to how badly my hair needed tending to but it's a great picture of my squad :)

Hope this lovely Wednesday is treating you well :)

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Lindsey said...

love randoms! congrats on the award friend, you deserve it!

d.a.r. said...

Aw, praying for your mama!

And I hope you find "the one" this weekend! It is such a good feeling (and also totally overwhelming and slightly terrifying hahaha!)

Mrs. Lukie said...

Ooooh, how exciting about narrowing it down to 2!!

And how adorable are those little girls?!

Lauren said...

Yeah for house hunting! Good luck this weekend!

Katie said...

your partner must be very risked your life for her! ;)

My package got mailed today too...the hubs sent it from we'll see...if you can't read that chicken scratch, I PROMISE its NOT MY WRITING. Hope it comes in one piece b/c the way I left it was SO super cute ;)

ps: we're getting some snow too...I really don't mind too much...but I realize it can be a pain for you! good luck on the houses...that can be SO stressful but SO worth it!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

you should have gone on the show house hunters!!! i always love seeing their choices and shouting out the one i think they should have chosen! ha ha
as for the SWAP shopping..i had fun too ...(esp trying to be creative)
I can't wait to read all the blogs about their goodies!

Alissa said...

I hope you decide on one soon so the process can end for you. Good luck on it and those are some cuties in that pic.

CJ said...

sending a prayer up for good health of your mama.

Congrats on the award! I hope you find your dream home soon!!


CJ said...

Prayers for your mom!

and here's to hoping you find "the one" this weekend.