Tuesday, May 18, 2010

home inspirations and projects:The metamorphosis beginning

So Mr. A and I have now been homeowners for nearly 2 months. In that time we've unpacked boxes, re-arranged furniture and made plans for what we're going to be doing to our home to make it truly ours. We don't plan on moving and bought our home with room to grow so there are some big changes coming to our home to make it a space we'll love for years to come.

We're starting with a pretty blank slate as far as decor goes we know the basics of what our style is but we haven't really gotten a chance to fine tune it and make it truly our own. So we've had a lot of evenings spent scouring home decor magazines, and websites weeding out exactly the ideas we want to implement in our home and we feel we've got a good start.

We're budget shoppers so this will be an adventure in how little can we spend without sacrificing quality. Should be fun.

So we're starting in the entry way and working our way in concentrating on the first floor first and then moving upstairs.

the first big thing we're going to be doing is painting all of our trim work I know I know some of you are gasping in pain. But we have a white kitchen that we love and don't want to change so to make the house flow better we feel it necessary to change out our oak trim.

here's a not so great picture of our trim that we will be painting. I'm also on the look out for a new fireplace surround but I kind of want something with some character so I've been looking in thrift and antique and haven't had any success yet.


The half wall that separates our sunk in living room from the kitchen is going to become a bar area to add extra seating to our little eat in kitchen.

these are the first major projects we'll be undertaking soon.

Here's some inspiration pics I'm starting to pull together a few at a time.

some of these are from other bloggers some from Rate My Space some I have pulled off various websites. If the pic is yours let me know I'll give you credit.

Later Alligators...

Mrs. A


Jami Balmet said...

ooooh I love decorating!! My husband and I are moving on Saturday to a knew apartment and I can't wait to redecorate and fill up the bigger space we will have. I can't wait thought until we can buy a house..all the painting and extras you can know do in your OWN house :) Have fun!! Show us pictures when you get some knew stuff ;)

Kristin said...

Hi Mrs. A! I just found your blog today! Don't remember how exactly, but I see the comment above from Jami (also a blogfriend) - so we must move in the same circles! Anyway, had a fun little visit here. I look forward to following your house renovation projects! Just love decorating and DIY projects. Nice to meet you! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars