Wednesday, May 5, 2010

living in the sweet spot :)

in Max Lucado's book "The Cure for the Common Life" he says that to live life in the sweet spots you must do what God has given you a talent and desire for. I have been exploring this concept and praying and God certainly has laid it on my heart to continue with our church kids even though the musical is over. I had an absolute blast working with the kids on Sunday nights for the last three months and I realized yesterday now that it's over I'm going to miss those kiddos terribly. I have grown to love them and their unique personalities and their beautiful hearts so I'm turning to God in prayer and contemplating my next moves.

Also I had my first cake decorating class last night. I had an absolute blast and I already can't wait until next week's class. I have so many ideas to grow my little teaching endeavor and I am so excited at the possiblities God has given me :)

Here's some pics from our children's musical last Sunday. The musical couldn't have gone better than it did. I was absolutely fully prepared for a kiddo to just freak out and freeze. But they didn't they delivered every line with perfection. These kids rocked the stage and I was so proud of them.

here's me with our cast and yes I do realize that I look like one of them not one of the leaders :(

Here's the awesome submarine that our dedicated and amazing church members built.

here's a shot of the whole stage at the very beginning of the musical:


I was excited that I got to do the cake for the cast party until I realized I'd really be rushing to complete it but I powered through and it came out alright definitely not my best work.

if you can't tell that's a whale coming out of the water on top of the cake. Our musical theme was "Under God's Sea in 3D"

side shot of the cake:

So this was pretty much my all consuming weekend and then Monday and Tuesday were spent preparing for my class last night. So I'm back and it's Wednesday. My how the week is flying and Mr. A and I have got to get our house in shape for Mother's Day brunch that we are hosting. It will be the first party in our new house and I am so excited :)

Later Alligators....

Mrs. A


Lindsey said...

Your cake is amazing!!!! Gorgeous!

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I always thought it would be fun to take a cake decorating class!! So cool!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

wow, the cake looks fantastic! Your talent far surpases my own!

Lauren said...

That cake is adorable! So glad everything went well!

Lyr said...

Cake looks great girl! Love it!

just the two of us! said...

i gave you a blog award! visit my blog for the rules and details!

p.s.- that cake is precious!